Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Protest People

It is good to see folks expressing how they feel about things.

It is good to be American!

Folks waiting on Mr. Bush in Denver wanted to show they are feeling the pain of being deceived.

Our Government is for the people by the people. Protest is a way to make your vote count and not make matters worse!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tune Tuesday More Cake

After the big food holiday we can all use a little more Cake! It can't make matters worse because it has no sugar or fat.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Bloody Mary Chunky Monday

If this is real blood the statue in California is crying I hope someone test it for HIV, DnA and drugs. If it is a sign from God then we could look to the Supreme Court building today where a basketball sized chunk fell off the front.

In the mean time I am working on an idea for a grilled cheese machine that cooks the Virgin Mary on one side and Jesus on the other. I may even work on the Old Testament series like Moses and the burnning bush, while not making matters worse.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Black Friday Church

Thats right folks keep feeding the wolf that eats your children.

Long live China my sheeple, buy more Beijing products!

I wonder if any General Motors employees were in line this morning to charge up the old credit cards before Dick Cheney's America starves them to death.

What would I know about these matters?
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Thanksgiving photo

From left: Raina, Castle and Camry

Hey Now, It is a good day to be alive!

These are three of the best young people in the world in my eyes. It was nice to see them has been some time. Complications of time, space, energy and attitudes keep us away.

I know as the earth circles the sun and the moon circles the earth all will be as it will be without my hand. I strive to not worsen matters.

Jed-Prophet of the obvious
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tune Tuesday

This Tuesday ain't tacky. This is a newly descovered Bob Marley tune recorded in 1979 in a bedroom in Miami and Eric Clapton adds his style to it. It is a good video too.

Bob Marley was sick of "Slogans" like Axis of Evil way back in 1979.

So you know we can't take these slogans no more,
can't take yah slogans no more,
can't take these slogans no more,
oh no sweet talk from a culprit,
no more sweet talk from the pulpit.
oh no sweet talk from a grime pit,
no more sweet talk from the hypocrites

Bob Marley rarely made matters worse (my slogan).

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Family Tumbleweed

I had a good visit from my half-brother last Sunday whom I have not seen in fourteen years. It was very nice to feel family ties once more as I have been feeling like a orphan after my parents deaths. I have two half-brothers from my fathers first marriage and a half-sister from my mothers first marriage. My family tree is more like a tumbleweed or a very split tree at best.

My brother and I are very similar and have had our head strong struggles with each other. I am guessing that he felt slighted that I got to spend more time with our father than he did, and I know I felt threatened by his visits growing up. I think we have grown past the competition we felt so helpless to control in our family life.

It is nice to see we are growing even more alike in our middle ages. He is a good man and I am proud to call him my brother. My wife seems to think we look similar to one another.

It can't make matters worse to have family wherever they are.

I have included a photo of my wife and I on the same happy night.
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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Blogger Fellowship

I had a really nice time visiting with this batch of bloggers last night. One of them lives with me, but I enjoy visiting with her too. The other is an old friend who I hardly ever get to see because he rarely comes out to play (he's kinda shy). Last but not least is a new friend who is a hoot and great hostess.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bumper Stickers

Where are all thoes bumper stickers? I looked hard the past few days and I can't find them. I live in a red state and I don't see any stickers with Bush/Cheney anymore.

Has anyone else noticed the lack of bumper stickers like the one above? I am asking for feedback here. It can't make matters worse.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Peace Now

Dick had a little trouble when he started to speak here in the scrappy little town of Knoxville yesterday.

Protesters shouted and held up a banner during Vice President Dick Cheney's speech in Knoxville today.

Cheney was speaking at the groundbreaking for the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy at the University of Tennessee.

About a half-dozen peace protesters shouted, "War, what is it good for?" They unfurled a banner reading "Peace Now."

Cheney continued speaking and didn't acknowledge the protesters, who were escorted out of Thompson-Boling arena.

Way to go guys!!! It did not make matters worse.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tacky Tune Tuesday Three

Dig this chick's eyebrows!

I don't know if her boy would make matters worse.
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Wickerman 2005

We went to the annual Wicker Man burning that my dearest friends host. It gains the name from a movie, but it has a background like Burning Man Festival held in Nevada. It has further history, as told by Julius Caeser in one brief story, of the Welsh burning effigies made of wicker (it's important to note he was at war with the Welsh so this was most likely propaganda). Some vague pagan stories are also part of the lineage in this fall fellowship.

Wiki-wiki and Google it if you are interested in this sort of thing. I wanted to account this event from a Jed's eye view.

I have told you of my dear friend who builds awesome horse jumps in a previous post. This event was started by his wife years ago. I cannot remember when exactly she posed this gathering...such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there (to quote R. Hunter and Phil Lesh).

For me, the gathering is a fine visit with my creative friends around a fire in the cool fall evening. The hostess has always proclaimed putting things to rest in the flame to rid us all of bad mojo for the year. I never let it burn away my demons as I have been instructed; I must like my boogie men close to me where I can keep an eye on them.

The theme this year was a "wicker womb" and it was built by the ladies. It stood about ten feet high, with boobs and a womb cavity (see photo with Mt. Girl inside).

I am so very blessed to have a collection of friends who are filled to the brim with imagination. I gain so much creative energy from this group. I am humble in the shadow of their many talents, but feel I am a part of the tribe there.

Burning up some bad feelings can't make matters worse.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Big People Day Care

From here to there and there to here, funny things are everywhere.

We stopped in at our local tavern for some food, a beer and a game of darts tonight. We found this little car in the parking lot. I Jedited the tag to protect the persons identity.

I have always had this observation about middle aged pubs being like day care for big people. I am sure this is not an original idea, but it is funny none the less. I had this goal of visiting every little dive in the greater Knox county area (nine countys one vision) freshly after I was divorced. I did not go to get plastered on beer, just doing some people watching and finding my new place as a semi-homeless person. I started to notice how the frosty mugs were like the tinker toys in a room of pre-schoolers. Some people were being moved away from other people to help keep the peace. Snacks were passed out and everyone was watching everyone. Scratchy music was the background din under people saying the same phrases over and over to make one another laugh. I can proudly say that I achieved my goal of hitting 99% of all the little drinkin' spots in several countys including the brothel bars (before the feds shut 'em down) in Cocke County, the gay bars (hoping some man might buy me a round...never happened though too many hetro vibes I guess) and the Black bars in east Knox county.

Whenever I would find someone wanting to cause trouble I could quickly disarm the situation by saying, "I do not want to go back to jail", or "This does not seem worth either of us losing a tooth does it?". I would not play anything on the sound machine even if there was no music playing because that was the source of much conflict with the patrons and I knew it would only make matters worse.
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Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans Day

I, _________ , do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

It takes a few seconds for a person to sign in with the armed forces with a statement like above. Some lose life and limb living up to this one sentence. All who sign take the risk on Americans behalf.

Thank you!
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Splainin to Do

Left to right are Lee Raymond for Exxon Mobil, David O'Reilly of Chevron, James Mulva of Conoco Phillips, Ross Pillari of BP America and John Hofmeister of Shell. The chiefs of five major oil companies defended the industry's huge profits Wednesday at a Senate hearing where they were exhorted to explain prices and assure customers they're not being gouged.

Big oil boys had to do some splainin yesterday about why they get to ration by price and keep the bounty. They were asked how they felt about funding a relief fund with their extra money. They allow that it is just not in their best interest to be involved in government programs...their best interest is them if you ask Jed.

I think the old school way of ration tickets would have worked well over the past few months. I know it seems communist to think like that, but pure
capitalism is dog eat dog when the fit hits the shan. I see that we are charged as a society by our morals to not to wheel over the weakest members of our tribe just because we can. No matter what church anyone belongs to they all seem to agree that stealing is wrong when it happens to them.

Our normal animal self is both social and competitive when it comes to survival. The examples lately in our news are clear to me that no matter what you do to protect yourself from other folks bad choices they can still get you if they want to. Because in this world you have to have people and trust people who you can't fully control no matter how much power you have.

Tinted Fodder op-ed to not worsen matters.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Laugh-A-Lot News

I have to wonder what the heck a 15 year old could be so angry about that he had to shoot all the school office staff.

Yesterday in LaFollette at Campbell County High School this kid walks in to his Principals office with a napkin over his handgun and kills one and nearly two others.

LaFollette is a very small town about twenty miles due north of here I used to call it Laugh-A-Lot...not any more.

I am glad my wife is out of the High School special education class where she was teaching. I always precieved the high school level of troubled students as "bound for prison" waiting for their day in the news. She works now at the middle school level now where they are a tiny bit more adjustable.

Whatever this kid's issue was he just made matters much worse.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tacky Tune Tuesday Two

More tunes that stick in your mind.

"Fingernails that shine like justice", can't make matters worse!
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Monday, November 07, 2005

Tinted Fodder

I have been actively involved in trying to define my classification in the great American experiment of Democracy. I sometimes refer to myself as "White Trash" for lack of other terms that fit.

I fear that I think a bit too much to be a "Red Neck", and I strive to understand too many perspectives to be classic "poor white trash". I would have to have a boost up to be lower middle class, and I am not low enough to be impoverished.

All I am looking for on earth is a place I can call my own with my own kind. Even my natural born kids are being raised by my ex who does not at all understand me, or she would not have played the divorce him and collect every payday card. So they are not going to understand their "every other weekend daddy" who is too broke to treat them like a grandfather.

I hope if I can identify my station I can act within tolerance of the rules and thrive. I mean hell fire any creature can thrive if he can understand and adapt to the surroundings.

There are many articles defining "White Trash", "Red Neck" and the like, but I don't seem to fit neatly in any box. You can wiki-wiki-google for yourself if interested in the subject of white trash/redneck and stereotypes.

I think I will create my own politically correct version of a label similar to "White Trash", but more natural and more useful with a color reference. Nothing too definitive though as that could make matters worse.

Here it is: Tinted Fodder
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bye Bye Broncosaurus

I am letting go of a beloved friend my 1992 Bronco, pet named "Broncosaurus Rex". I have had the truck for seven years. My heart is heavy with loss, but I can see no other options.

It is not your fault trusty steed you have served me well, ashes to ashes.

As I have stated before my life is like many others; the worst decisions made are the ones where I have to choose between really crappy, really-really crappy and unbearable crappy choices. Most of the time it seems that is the only chance I get to make a decision in my reactive life as the "pure-as-the-driven-snow white trash" that I am.

The $2000.00 repair might as well be a million dollars from this bankrupt vantage point. At least I can start saving toward something within my means from the bit of cash from the carcass sell off. I stand stoic on the "no more loans lifestyle" I must live for my own freedom.

Damage Control Jed here trying not to make matters worse.
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Friday, November 04, 2005

Story Time

There was a Preacher who had three grown sons. Two of his sons were in his footsteps as preachers as well. The third son was the black sheep and cared very little for the trade his dad and brothers were in.

The father devised a plan to have a "father and sons" camping event to hopefuly come to the place where the odd son liked to visit and smooth the lack of relationship between them.

The first morning after the first night of the camp out the dad woke early to stoke the fire and brew some coffee.

After a short while one of the sons crawled out of the tent and greeted the father. The father asked the son about his rest and the son replied, "It was a good night, I dreamed of heaven and the streets were paved with gold bricks. It was fantastic!", the dad told the son to join him by the fire for coffee.

A short while later another son climbs from the zippered hatch to be greeted by dad the same way. This son also explained he dreamed of Heaven and the pearly gates too. He gathered himself tight to the fire with his kin.

After some time the last son pops his head out of the tent looking a mess. The father asked about his nights rest. The son says, "I did not rest well at all pop, I dreamed of hell all night!". The father asked about the details of the dreams. The son looks at the scene around him and says, "It was much as it is here, I could barely see the fire for all the preachers."
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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not In My Bible

I have added a link on my page called Not In My Bible. The chilling line that hooked me to his blog earlier this year was: "This must be how decent Germans felt during the 1930s as they watched a cancer devour their country". The blogger known as ChristianLibrul collects news clips and titles them very creatively and sometimes adds a paragraph or two.

ChristianLibrul is not a friendship blogger as my other links are. He is about gathering the facts and placing them squarely on the page to view. I have seen him post as much as twenty times a day! It seems he does not hinge on any feedback in his comments, but he will argue a clever debate. CL will reply kindly when complemented or asked questions in a kind way. In turn if you want to poke him around he will most likely poke back hard and smart.

I asked him if he was the Devil and he said, "no". So he is good in my book...The Great Book of Jed, "Prophet of the Obvious - No moves made toward the worst"
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bird Flew

That big old American Eagle flew high yesterday as the process of our Government's checks and balances system seems it might be working. The Democrats are starting to get smarter using a tactic that has not been pulled out of the hat in over twenty years. Forcing the Republicans into a closed session might be the start of something good for all of us, not just the wealthy pseudo-conservatives.

Pseudo-conservatives? You may wonder why I would use such a home made term. Just bare with me and allow me the latitude of the layman uneducated observer (Jed, the Prophet of the Obvious). I say the actions of our conservative leadership have been anything but conservative with our money, our people and our natural resources. Some say the theology of our leadership is what is implied when we call them conservative. The humble writer of this web log sees that the only thing moral coming out of our White House is the way they want to use moral guilt to appily pressure to thoes who come up with any ideas that conflict with their "conservative" platform. We are being decieved and our attention diverted. If you care about God, love and morals, you will soon see that what we are being subjected to ain't love and it ain't God.

This leadership has diverted attention from major issues to over inflated minor issues consistently to manipulate us. I have no idea at this point if the bird flu issue is very real after all the poop I have been you?

Poop fed Jed is hoping matters get better soon.
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tacky Tune Tuesday

Something to get tucked tight into your thinker on a Tuesday! Much better than the Dr. Pepper ad.

I can't make matters worse to view a classic bit of humor. I am having fun with this embeded video deal...I will get over it soon enough
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