Monday, November 07, 2005

Tinted Fodder

I have been actively involved in trying to define my classification in the great American experiment of Democracy. I sometimes refer to myself as "White Trash" for lack of other terms that fit.

I fear that I think a bit too much to be a "Red Neck", and I strive to understand too many perspectives to be classic "poor white trash". I would have to have a boost up to be lower middle class, and I am not low enough to be impoverished.

All I am looking for on earth is a place I can call my own with my own kind. Even my natural born kids are being raised by my ex who does not at all understand me, or she would not have played the divorce him and collect every payday card. So they are not going to understand their "every other weekend daddy" who is too broke to treat them like a grandfather.

I hope if I can identify my station I can act within tolerance of the rules and thrive. I mean hell fire any creature can thrive if he can understand and adapt to the surroundings.

There are many articles defining "White Trash", "Red Neck" and the like, but I don't seem to fit neatly in any box. You can wiki-wiki-google for yourself if interested in the subject of white trash/redneck and stereotypes.

I think I will create my own politically correct version of a label similar to "White Trash", but more natural and more useful with a color reference. Nothing too definitive though as that could make matters worse.

Here it is: Tinted Fodder
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 7:07 PM


far as i kin tell, jed, yer a artist, witch that cums with a world of hurt n pane n miss understandin. it probly means ye wont be grate till yer dead n ye wont make much money but them thats members of yer estate will. but thay aint nuthin ye kin do bout it on a counta how ye be whut ye be.
Blogger buddy don, at 4:58 AM  
I like the name, but I think you will have to explain it over and over til it catchs on adn then everyone will want to be called tinted fodder
Blogger Julie, at 8:44 AM  

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