Friday, August 24, 2007

Busy man and a new blog

I have been busy trying to customize a soft top for my Bronco and have had not much time for blogging. I am taking the project to a different level than I have ever seen before on a Bronco. My project is different by using the fiberglass top from a donor vehicle at a local junkyard, whereby I can utilize all the factory trimmings for a nice looking installation. I have been busy cutting fiberglass, using body filler, painting and doing some Jedineering on the bow set-up. Another feature to my idea is the ability to store the whole top and mount erected so it doesn't get all cracked up while wadded up in a pile during the winter...hopefully. Here are some images, a picture can't make matters worse in this case.

Now to my friends new blog who is a busy guy himself. He is from the upper Appalachian chain in New York state and has relocated to our part of the finest mountain range in the whole damn world. Basegasket will be a blog to watch as this guy is one of the most dynamic fellas I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He, like Jed has worn many hats throughout his life. He knows a bit about everything in the physical world and puts his hands and boots right in the thick of it.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Americans duped...once more

Not only are we giving our kids lead painted toys made in China we are suffering from the fact Mattel's leaders can't afford to hire Americans. When will the greedy stockholders and leaders realize that you can't ship all your production to China and expect unemployed people to buy them? Now, how much will the recall cost? Just a little more than paying fellow countrymen to work, I'll bet.

Meanwhile we are being sold a bogus war lead by a corrupt White House. Honestly I do believe we are being lied to about everything leading into this war, the economy and current lawmaking to keep us safe.

It can't make matters worse to start looking at things around you. If we are going to have an enemy it better be fascism first.
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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Two years in blogger

I started this here blog two years ago on my birthday (which is today). I ain't covered anything special or broke any news stories. I ain't presented any view that a million or so other people haven't come across days, weeks or years earlier.

Although I have brought to this world something unique and never before duplicated, me. Thats right me! The literal center of my universe, me. Those of you who know Jed have never before seen this exact Heuristic Prophet of the Obvious, even though you may know other Prophets of similar circumstance, they are not me.

It is a good day to be alive and know the folks I know here, and in the other worlds that I frequent. Some of which overlap and some are singular random meetings. I am glad to have them all.

A thankful man never makes matters worse in my eyes. Count me in the thankful fold of this one of a kind wrinkle of time passing.
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