Thursday, November 10, 2005

Splainin to Do

Left to right are Lee Raymond for Exxon Mobil, David O'Reilly of Chevron, James Mulva of Conoco Phillips, Ross Pillari of BP America and John Hofmeister of Shell. The chiefs of five major oil companies defended the industry's huge profits Wednesday at a Senate hearing where they were exhorted to explain prices and assure customers they're not being gouged.

Big oil boys had to do some splainin yesterday about why they get to ration by price and keep the bounty. They were asked how they felt about funding a relief fund with their extra money. They allow that it is just not in their best interest to be involved in government programs...their best interest is them if you ask Jed.

I think the old school way of ration tickets would have worked well over the past few months. I know it seems communist to think like that, but pure
capitalism is dog eat dog when the fit hits the shan. I see that we are charged as a society by our morals to not to wheel over the weakest members of our tribe just because we can. No matter what church anyone belongs to they all seem to agree that stealing is wrong when it happens to them.

Our normal animal self is both social and competitive when it comes to survival. The examples lately in our news are clear to me that no matter what you do to protect yourself from other folks bad choices they can still get you if they want to. Because in this world you have to have people and trust people who you can't fully control no matter how much power you have.

Tinted Fodder op-ed to not worsen matters.
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my tinted fodder sage friend,, there is lots of wisdom there...

there is way too much greed out there....

me and you and the Joe p just want to get by and these guys want to do what??? they want to roll in money naked or something terrible. I dont' get it. I think they are getting some bad karma, but who am i to say.
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