Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bye Bye Broncosaurus

I am letting go of a beloved friend my 1992 Bronco, pet named "Broncosaurus Rex". I have had the truck for seven years. My heart is heavy with loss, but I can see no other options.

It is not your fault trusty steed you have served me well, ashes to ashes.

As I have stated before my life is like many others; the worst decisions made are the ones where I have to choose between really crappy, really-really crappy and unbearable crappy choices. Most of the time it seems that is the only chance I get to make a decision in my reactive life as the "pure-as-the-driven-snow white trash" that I am.

The $2000.00 repair might as well be a million dollars from this bankrupt vantage point. At least I can start saving toward something within my means from the bit of cash from the carcass sell off. I stand stoic on the "no more loans lifestyle" I must live for my own freedom.

Damage Control Jed here trying not to make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 11:11 AM


i bleeve in lots of sentimentull thangs, sir. fer instunts, i bleeve thangs is a'gone wurk out fer ye. i know tiz a long shot, but ye gut the talent (n then sum) n ye deserve a brake!
Blogger buddy don, at 5:26 AM  
Hey now, Jed, you are a wise man and things will get better. Sorry about you having to sell your truck. I like the license plate.
Blogger red molly, at 8:23 AM  
Thanks for the best wishes my friends!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 2:15 PM  
Dang Jed. Hate to hear it. Reminds me of a line from "Body Heat" -- "sometimes the shit comes down so hard you need a hat."
Blogger Joe Powell, at 1:38 PM  

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