Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not In My Bible

I have added a link on my page called Not In My Bible. The chilling line that hooked me to his blog earlier this year was: "This must be how decent Germans felt during the 1930s as they watched a cancer devour their country". The blogger known as ChristianLibrul collects news clips and titles them very creatively and sometimes adds a paragraph or two.

ChristianLibrul is not a friendship blogger as my other links are. He is about gathering the facts and placing them squarely on the page to view. I have seen him post as much as twenty times a day! It seems he does not hinge on any feedback in his comments, but he will argue a clever debate. CL will reply kindly when complemented or asked questions in a kind way. In turn if you want to poke him around he will most likely poke back hard and smart.

I asked him if he was the Devil and he said, "no". So he is good in my book...The Great Book of Jed, "Prophet of the Obvious - No moves made toward the worst"
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You are too kind as well as most literate, both of which I appreciaate.

I want to clarify one point: I said I wasn't the Devil because he lives in New Jersey, and that I am a Predator. Hockey fans instantly would have known I was referring to the New Jersey Devils and the Nashville Predators of the NHL.

Hockey aside, I cannot be the Devil since Jerry Falwell already is.
Blogger ChristianLibrul, at 10:42 PM whats hockey? I think we have a team here in Knoxville the "Ice Bears", minor league...I think.

I noticed a few years back when I watched Dick Cheney on TV if I blinked my eyes fast he had a black halo, so I think he works for the Devil or is the Devil.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:32 AM  
nuther nice post, jed. i lack that same site n try to give it a read everday.

hope alls a'goin with ye n mountain gurl n yer yunguns. take keer, frien.
Blogger buddy don, at 6:57 AM  

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