Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Laugh-A-Lot News

I have to wonder what the heck a 15 year old could be so angry about that he had to shoot all the school office staff.

Yesterday in LaFollette at Campbell County High School this kid walks in to his Principals office with a napkin over his handgun and kills one and nearly two others.

LaFollette is a very small town about twenty miles due north of here I used to call it Laugh-A-Lot...not any more.

I am glad my wife is out of the High School special education class where she was teaching. I always precieved the high school level of troubled students as "bound for prison" waiting for their day in the news. She works now at the middle school level now where they are a tiny bit more adjustable.

Whatever this kid's issue was he just made matters much worse.
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Where in the hell do kids get guns? That's a very sad story.

It's good to here that Mt. Girl is out of the High School environment.
Blogger red molly, at 7:53 AM  
ye writ: 'Whatever this kid's issue was he just made matters much worse.' that he dun, all rite, speshly fer his ownself. tiz hard to figger!

glad mtn gurl is gittin a change of scene.

we hope to see yall soon!
Blogger buddy don, at 3:53 AM  
When this happens, they always interview my cousin Ratledge - remember that incident in maryville and he stopped the kid who had a bag in his gun. Anyways, my mom teaches and she retires this year too and I can't wait.

I don't recall in school ever being afraid of things like this.
I don't know what is happening that bring about such anger from their homes and hearts. Damn I sure wish I knew the answer. I know there are a lot kids out there not being loved and also not being disciplined, both equally all as a part of nurturing. That's all I can think of. I see it in all the treatment centers that I go inspect. The abuse these parents do is horrible. It's us, we are raising 'em. Why are we doing it?
Blogger Julie, at 12:00 AM  

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