Saturday, July 07, 2007

My new Bronco

Well I hate to jinx it, but things are looking a little better around here for me. I got me a new Ford Bronco, new to me anyway. She is a sweet 1994 XLT (middle year of the fifth generation of Broncos) model with a kind set of pipes (Flowmasters) that sounds like the tuned rumble of four Harleys. It is a cool teal green color that sometimes looks black and sometimes looks blue. She is sporting tint on all the glass that's way past too dark. On a sunny day, it always looks like a storms a comin'. I think someone loved her with passion before we met.

If you will remember I sold my other Bronco due to its transmission dying. Then it came back, for a while. I have another now because I have never found a vehicle I liked better or found more useful. This is my third Ford Bronco. My first was a third generation type (1986 the last year of that generation) with the Eddie Bauer package. My second was a fifth generation (1992 the first year of that generation) Custom package. I am very excited to have it and it is nice to have folks take a second look and say, "Nice Bronco Man."

It is nice to drive a motorcar that has appeal in muscle car circles as well as four-wheel gear heads.

She is wearing the "Hey Now" tag my others wore, as well as a Dead head sticker my daughter gave me .

I call it my small penis compensator to know my caste in life and not make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:23 PM


rock on with your bad Bronco self, Jed!
Blogger Joe Powell, at 5:43 PM  
Pretty damned groovy
Blogger 'Coma, at 7:00 PM  
Hey Now, Jed...You and Your Bronco are very Cool. Good for you. Enjoy!!!
Blogger red molly, at 8:17 PM  
good fer yew, sir! i am glad thangs are trendin yer way, to so speak. hows yer daughter?
Blogger buddydon, at 1:19 PM  
Thanks for asking bd, she seems as normal as a fifteen year old daughter should. Except perhaps a bit wiser for the cancer scare and worry. It clicked her maturity dial up a few years as she sees mortality differently now. You know how a teenager seems to think that nothing can harm them? Well she knows better about the random bad luck that can befall a human.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:36 PM  
That's one fine looking Ford!
One of them "four-wheel gear heads"
Blogger Byron Chesney, at 11:12 PM  

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