Saturday, April 28, 2007

Timberland Jed

Y'all know how Jed loves his boots! Jed studies these items close because nothing keeps him as happy as having comfy feet while doing the business of lighting his City.

These babies are the shiznit! Timberland PRO® "Know-How™", with shock resistant soles, waterproof membrane, ladder lock arch system, steel toe and shank boots are my new City purchased equipment. I like to post about them because I am proud to have them and it helps me keep a record of how long they last. I am normally a Doc Martins® fan because I figure for white boy feet the English cobblers have been doing it the longest and have the craft down to a science. For the now it looks like I am a proud Timberland Jed.

It never makes matters worse to find the right tool for the job.

As for the Thinking Blogger Award (I am so flattered to have been picked, but so not worthy) meme all of my links are in my top five depending on the day, that is why I have them and browse them on a regular basis. You folks know how much I care for the Wandering Hillbilly of course and Anne Johnson, well she just plain rocks. My home town buddy Joe Powell over at Cup of Joe Powell is one perceptive and articulate man I am proud to know. Newsie she has that same sparkle as Joe and The Editor I bet them folks pass a few emails a day behind the scene. Red Molly is dear to my heart as the sweetest lady and fanciest cook on the internets. That Julie is always around town and makes me smile when we cross paths. God Almighty is slow to post (in God's time I guess), but for a concept his blog has me checking almost every day even when months pass without a word...very much like my personal dogma experience.

Be well and make matters better, you fine thinkers! As for me, damage control is established by not making them worse.
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I like the boots and thanks for the compliment!
Blogger red molly, at 2:16 PM
Check them out Jed, completly customizable! Now you can have your timberland's and wear them too! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Blogger Jojo, at 10:23 AM  
Why thank you Jed, you are too Kind, as I have been thinking out of my rear it seems as of lately, but I'm honored non the less and more honored to have a friend like you!
Blogger Julie, at 7:12 PM  

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