Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bronco-Cell Phone-Rented Home-Repay-a-Loan

A few weeks ago I told you of the Bronco being left on a piece of property and a man (Rich Lawyer) called me to come get it. I worked many hours and spent some money to get it here and running. Well the fella who lost his house and who really owned the car was happy I had done the work on it and took it in and did not let it go to the tow company/crusher when he picked it up the other day.

Looks like my cell phone deal is a rip-off, I guess if it is a $700.00 item no wholeseller in the world would want to sell it for $180 plus $50 shipping. It had a ring of logic with the multipule sales agents between there and here making it so high here. I will post on it later with lots of metatags to expose him.

We have settled into our rented house here. I do not care for it much but it is warm and dry or cool and dry when the need is there.

I would like to say I have reminded myself of something importiant, but I didn't. I noticed that someone had mentioned when I was talking about trying to buy a new cell phone that I now had it made if I was buying fancy phones, and they were right. I guess times seem hard now but they were worse and I wanted to put that in the back of my mind. You know the losses are easy to forget sometimes.

The reason I was in the market for a new camera phone was that I ruined one, then found a cheap replacement, then Cingular needed to change all its old AT&T accounts (my replacement phone won't work) and had to take the free phone in hopes I could find a deal later...I thought I had found a deal. I really like having a phone I can use for photos, because you only get good shots if your camera is with you. That is a luxury I guess I do not deserve in my financial pickle.

Back to the thing I wished I had reminded myself of...I owe some of you money! I need you to email me your street addresses so I can start to repay you. I have a list on the site of how much, but the street addresses are somewhere some were anon and I don't have a clue how to find them.

Your monies were a great help in a time of need, if not to save our house but to help us catch up a bit and get moved.

It can't make matters worse to try and repay good honest folks for their help.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 10:10 AM


Cell Phones.
I have some sort of electromagnetism issue going on and I kill them so I have taken to buying used ones because they will die anyway.

Newscoma, Cell Phone Destroyer.
Yup, that's me.
Blogger newscoma, at 10:29 AM  
News my father was srtuck twice by lightning and he could never get a battery watch to run more than a few hours on his wrist. He died in 1988 before the cell phone craze, but I'll bet he would have had trouble with a Li-Ion battery too.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 2:39 PM  
I am also so magnetic that I ruin watches and cell phones if I let them rest on my hip on a clip. My grandmother ruined watches as well. I thought it was hereditary until your lightening comment, but my grandmother and I were both exposed to ball lightening that came into our house through the chimney and bounced across the floor and then exploded so loud I can still hear it. Now I wonder.

I hope you settle nicely into your new home w/ your lovely wife - perhaps I can bring over some nice food and wine sometime as a house warming to make you feel more homey.
Blogger Julie, at 12:11 AM  
Hate cell phones. Hate digital cameras. Don't know how to make either one work. Set off an office alarm today by mistake and got grilled by the local cops. I want to turn back the clock to the 20th century, climb back into it, and listen to Aerosmith or something. On an 8-track.

Good luck in your new home. If it has faeries, I hope they're nice ones. A cell phone lost in the washing machine sounds like faerie work to me.

Geezer Annie
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 6:08 PM  
while i admit i have found much uses in many situations for the cell phone, mostly i wonder why it was we were able to exist so well for so long without them?
and since the pay telephone has been removed from the face of the earth, we have little option but to seek substitutes. and expensive ones at that.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 10:00 AM  

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