Monday, August 15, 2005

That's not love, it's gun powder

Civil unrest is a crisis even more pressing than terrorism in this observer's mind. That is the kind of thing that is certain to hit your neighborhood.

I understand the "Impeachment Tour" has been taking some gunfire. That is not LOVE or patriotism that is pure domestic terrorism.

"-the man fired his gun on his own property, so long as the bullets remained on his property as well."

If this was Jed shooting, I would be arranging bail money right now in Texas.

Thanks to SARALOVERINGPHOTOGRAPHY and TheBagBlog on the photo.

UPDATE ON THE MENISCUS: I asked for good thoughts and prayer on my daughter's knee injury. She has informed me her doc. has decided the healing is consistant with a good bone bruse on the tibia right below the meniscus tissue. This means she will not have to undergo a costly MRI and possible surgery. I know your prayers were key, and I humbly thank that is LOVE!
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