Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Drama of Jed and Meniscus

I have a wonderful thirteen year old daughter. She is the first person I witnessed born, and I cut her cord. I spent many hours a day with her until she was eight years old. We were torn apart by divorce (in 2000) and now I see her about two days a month. I call her my first born, but that is not exactly right. I have an older son, but I first met him when he was fifteen. His mother was divorcing the man she had thought was his father (after sixteen years together...14 married). Her soon to be x wanted to have a D.N.A. test to hopefully avoid some child support if any of the kids they shared were not his. He was right, his cheating sweety had been busy while they were first shacking up. Well I found myself in a D.N.A. line up with three other men, and I was the winner of a handsom full grown boy...payments and all. My wife of ten years and two adorable daughters, then 8 and 5 decided she would run like a rat from a sinking ship and get her child support claim in first (I did not want any D.N.A. test), so she would get her percentage off the top half and not the bottom. I guess I made a dreadful mistake of thinking my life was worth more than money to some people.

Well my son has turned out just fine after the shock of the dad switch. He has told me that he likes me better than the man he thought was his dad and has not spoke with him since. My daughters seem to be doing well too, perhaps a little bitter from divorce and we miss each other. Now I know my life is worth more than gold.

Now...to the point of this post. My daughter (see first sentence) is a wonderful
young woman who enjoys tennis and playing in the school band. She has a mind as sharp as they come with a wisdom of life that a divorced child knows. She and her sister were at camp last week playing a relay type game and she fell sharply on her right knee. The knee has lateral meniscus damage of some kind. Her mind now is on the fact her tennis season may be off. As her father my mind is on her longer term problems of a long life with knee pain. We will know more after the M.R.I. scan.

Y'all think good thoughts for her, if you will. As for me, I am just trying not to make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 10:25 PM


we will be thankin good thoughts fer yer daughter, sir, n even sayin a prayer or two.

yer story is a fine one. i sumtimes say that my bein as blessed as i am is proof god continues to bless the undeservin. seems lack that line could apply to mos folks, huh? aint sayin yer undeservin of yer blessins, jes sayin the obveeus.

or as moutain gurl sez, blessins abound! may yer daughter cum thru this jes fine!

take keer
Blogger buddy don, at 6:02 AM  
I hope everything works out fine for your daughter and the MRI scan leaves your family with some relief.

As for the 'Drama of Jed', reminds me of a saying from my husband which I have already used as a comment on buddy don's blog. It goes like this 'You are doomed to a life of relationships.

Have a good day!
Blogger red molly, at 8:09 AM  
bd as a regular sinner I know I am doing much better than I deserve...grace is God's to give and he does.

RM I am going to incorporate Mr. RM's quote to my lifes soundtrack!

Thanks to y'all for checking in on me today!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 10:19 AM  
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