Friday, August 12, 2005

Driving and crying

I have been taking road trips daily to earn some much needed cash as I outlined on Mountian Girls blog. Today I heard this and it broke my heart as before. Perhaps I am too sensitive as I drive to Cincinnatti and back through the Kentucky hills.

Alex Chadwick of NPR talks to John Dimsdale of Marketplace about the widening U.S. trade deficit. The Department of Commerce reports the deficit in international trade of goods and services grew 6.1 percent to $106.8 billion -- and a lot of that growth can be blamed on rising oil prices. It is about 183 seconds long just click on the listen button and listen between the lines.I hope this news don't make matters worse.
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thankee fer the lank to that story. tiz a sad tale indeed, ifn ye aint verr rich< seems lack this 'boomin' econmy aint a'doin ye much good. but them chinese communists shore do git how to beat us capitullists at our own game.

keep on bloggin, sir!
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