Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoopty Easter

I hope you folks have a Happy Easter.

We will be having a Hoopty Easter over this way. Please see the photos of my across the way neighbor's dream car, it is worth every bit of $50 scrap weight and has $3000 worth of rims up in under it...I mean damn. He says he is putting nitrous all up in it someday. I am thinking a regular fuel tank, transmission and engine would be money better spent...but hey, it ain't my tax free money to spend. So I'll be shutting my festering gob about my dreams for his ride.

Jesus will be on my front porch before this thing is huffing nitrous in a 500 horsepower rage down this or any other block of the city. Hurry up Jesus, Dontell's car got a big block, sitting on twenty-sixes wit da NOS system!

I have not been attending to my blog very much as of late because my online time gets away from me reading up on survival tips and bad news.

Here in my little window of the world things are about the same, no money and getting worse with the economy all sour and food/fuel prices up by a noticeable percentage. Practicing and reading about combat skills for fear I might need them. Decidedly not going to do a second job, because selling all my at home time has always proved a sure way into a deep dark and miserable funk. All we need is food and shelter anyway, other things will wait. The neighborhood we live in is becoming more and more overrun with classic "shady characters" cursing and screaming back and forth from porch to pimped out rides with shiny rims as big as semi trucks with much smaller tires. The more responsible citizens are selling in a bear market and glad to cash out of a soon to be uglier place.

Otherwise I am glad to see spring springing all over and looking to better times if things get better and the sheer adventure if they get worse. It will be like a goddamn vacation if the apocalypse does come calling, I think to myself sometimes in self pity.

It can't make matters worse to rant a bit on your own blog if you do it with a colorful story and a photo or two.
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Come on up to the house

All your crying don't no good...come down off the cross we can use the wood.

Tom Waits hardly ever makes matters worse.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jed getting high

I love spring time and getting high above the diamonds. Below are a couple of shots that can't make matters worse.

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