Monday, April 23, 2007

Prophet of the Obvious explained and excited

I made this flag a few weeks ago and I am just flattered as all-get-out that it is widely accepted. I feel bona fide and excited. People ask, "Jed ain't you mad this thing is growing and you ain't makin' no money?" I say, "Hell no, didn't make it for money, made it for love, pride and joy." They look at me like I am stupid, like I live in a different place than they do. Besides I got a sticker for my truck out of it from Rednecromancer, and a lot of kudos from the smart and kind folks at Appalachian Greens.

I wanted to tell everyone who uses this little flag how happy I am to see it waving in the headers of the fine thinking weblogs like yours! Let me know in the comments who you all are and you will get a linker from the Jed iffin you want it.

As most of you know I call myself the Prophet of the Obvious because I offer nothing to the blogosphere that ain't already been said a thousand times before I've stumbled across it. I offer my obvious point of view, from my under educated eyes. I am concerned for the piles of little people who support the very few "great" ones. Hell, I figure without means, I have no control over anyone except myself. I barely got reign over that!

I don't like being over charged, over taxed, tricked with schemes and lawyers, underpaid, under served, under appreciated, neglected, ignored, belittled, deceived or anything that takes from me without asking in a very real and obvious manner. If a subject takes too much haggle after the fact then it most likely is purely designed to fool the lesser gifted sorts like Jed. I will call them out in my normal "whiney-assed-wish-things-were different" way that is my own. I think that capitalism has reached a plateau in America where some aspects need to be changed to protect workers/consumers from legalistic loophole side stepping. If this sort of thinking makes me a socialist-pinko-commie, then so be it. It doesn't need be another law or ethics committee (we got too many that ain't workin'), it needs to be a matter of known fact, obvious really: take no more than you need from your dealings, examine your needs daily. Do it because you care and want to make a fair place for your babies (or any beloved ones) to live and grow. Turn the soil fine for your land, don't show up for the harvest and leave. Make someplace your real home and it will pay off. It appears to this observer that past superpowers have fallen due to the same mistakes we are seeing/making now. Misplaced goals, it is as simple as that. Invest in people,
always invest in people because without them there is no market at all. Invest in exploration, because there are things to be found. Our table of elements has some open spaces, one of them might be the solution to unlock the Utopia we all seek.

That is all I do as an Obvious Prophet, try and not make matters worse, which is harder to do than change things sometimes.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 7:23 PM


That's a good flag. But do copyright it before some slime cuts in and takes all the credit for it and makes a mint. Not under-appreciated here
Blogger Richard, at 3:19 PM  

On behalf of all us at Appalachian Greens- thanks for creating this flag. I don't think anyone could have designed a better one.

quick note: it's made its way into the My Space realm as well as the blogosphere:

Look in CM's friends for Independent Republic of Appalachia.

Chad told me that someone from the Independent Republic emailed and him and asked who designed this great flag. He told them about you and referred them to your blog.
Blogger Elvis Drinkmo, at 6:28 PM  
tiz a grate flag, sir, n i agree with richard up that that ye orta git it copyrighted, witch tiz alreddy jes on a counta yer makin it, but twood be nice to git yer certificutt frum the gummint. otoh, ye gut ye plenty of witnesses that ye sent it to em.
Blogger buddydon, at 12:26 PM  
Great job, Jed! OK if I fly it on my site?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:00 PM  
Jed: I really must agree that you need to register this great flag. some low life interloper will take all the credit for sure if you don't.
Blogger brantley, at 9:14 PM  
Add me to that. The work you save will be your own. When I know the ownership is truly in your hands, I'd like to put it up on my blog -- not until then.

Also, it's always great to post a "blog topic statement" like you just did, maybe twice a year or so. That way people will know you're not trying to make matters worse.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 10:27 AM  
I'm flying yer flag over on Knoxville Trivia and linking it to your site. Nice job!
Blogger Bro. Byron, at 7:42 PM  
May I use it, Jed? I'll link back to you and credit...I do think you need the credit for creating it. Legally, you already have the copyright. But it wouldn't hurt to have some rules about the display of the flag.
Blogger Rosie, at 10:56 AM  
Jed - I've been using the flag on Hillbilly Savants for awhile - I hope you don't mind - - - I've been planning a full entry on your work for awhile, and it is coming - - - I just fear I have backburnered it for awhile. . . Thanks again for everything.
Blogger Eric Drummond Smith, at 3:56 PM  
Yes please use the living heck out of that little flag! I am proud and pleased to see it! Just remember there ain't no time to hate so don't use it that way.

Hate ALWAYS makes matters worse.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:46 PM  

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