Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, it appears the second wife has gone too. Of course all the material loss is mine to bear as is only right as it was laid out a long long time before I got to these here parts. I am an angry kind of numb, numb if you leave me alone about it, and angry as hell if I talk about it.

I ponder how many times a man can start over before the world labels him a loser. I believe in sharing the burden of this dissolution, but I ain't buyin' that this was mostly my fault. This life cost me absolutely nothing and I can't lose anything that was not simply handed to me right from the start.

I place this text from a kind friend's house the same one who offered me shelter in another rough patch in my life eleven years ago. I am thankful to have his stability in the absence of parents on this earth in my life.

I'll keep trying to not make matters worse and I suggest everyone try and do the same.
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