Saturday, April 18, 2009

Built on punishment and crime

It occurs to me that everything in every city built is based on the position of "crime" and "punishment". Recently here in my scrappy little city on the Tennessee River a small group of Asians, who had several restaurants and an apartment house, were busted for immigration violations. I was reading the article and its comments on the local news channel when it occurred to me that the only reason these folks were busted was because they had built a small empire. There are thousands of illegal immigrants here who have nothing. Why bust them? Simply because there is no money in it.

Look at the recent local history in your city/town you will find similar trends where the "criminal" sects of your village built something that your "law enforcement" claimed as their own. It does not matter to me that this is a fact of business and society building, but it is good to know where things really dwell when we are casting stones. To throw morals around from a false doctrine seems to make matters worse as we view the graft taking place in a larger arena.
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