Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shame on you, my Red State Tennesseans

I am so ashamed sometimes for people of my own color and people in my own City.

Do you really think President-elect Obama is going to take all your guns with all the other daunting task at his hand? Sure, let the people starve while we haggle over rights about automatic rifles. You should really worry about getting habeas corpus back if you want rights free from undue accusation.

Do you really think your taxes are going to skyrocket? Where is your faith in your country's ability to equalize the tax burden? Give the new man a chance, hell even I did that in 2000 when "W" started.

You are calling this man a "Nigger" and you yourself have accomplished nothing to the degree that this man has. In reality you have a president-elect who may be the most educated, articulate and intelligent president your country will elect in your lifetime. I know he ain't no cowboy oil man or famous actor, but he is an expert on constitutional law. Don't you agree with the constitution? Do you really hate America, or is just "niggers" you hate?

I am really hopeful our newly elected president can start to undo the mess that has been created, because it can't make matters any worse to try something completely different.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:44 PM


Amen! That's just horrible.
Blogger Newscoma, at 9:26 PM  
I guess that they tought they could be spending money like they were printing it if Bush got his third term with McCain. They had already ordered the paper and well the rest is just a terrible story.
Anonymous Jeff, at 1:49 AM  
Let the losers have their fun. It exposes far more about them than it reveals about the president-elect.

Most Americans -- even those who voted for McCain-Palin -- express both the hope and the belief that our new president will succeed. That's reflected in post-election polls.

The fragment of the electorate who hang on to the only politics they have ever practiced -- fear, hate and division -- are further removing themselves from mainstream America.

The rest of us are too busy rebuilding America to be distracted by the failed politics and policies of the past.
Blogger Aik√§ne, at 10:47 AM  
I had some serious issues with some of the negative things I have heard around here since election day.

All people bleed red...

As such, it should not a man's skin color, but his ability that people watch and comment on.
Anonymous catscratch, at 11:07 PM  
Thank you. For the love of God, people are being absolutely ridiculous.
Blogger That Chick Over There, at 8:17 AM  
I lived in East Tenn. for a while and I swear I was the only democrat within 500 miles. I'm in Middle Tenn. now, and it's not a whole lot better. We won the country, but lost the statehouse...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 PM  
It's refreshing to finally see an educated person in the White House. Clinton was educated but didn't let on with is "aw shucks" and I'm a regular guy (see hillbilly www.hillbillynapkin.com) act. Bush was just plain stupid, I think the drinking and drugs burned a few more brain cells than he realized. Our new president elect is refreshing; smart, educated, concise, and a man with ideas and long term vision.
Anonymous Kent, at 1:56 PM  

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