Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No Knoxville, bad humans!

Inside of a six month period my little scrappy city by the Tennessee river has had a church shooting/killing, a school shooting/killing, the largest consumer rip-off of fuel ever and now a mall shooting/killing. At least it makes the Wall Street and war news seem further away. I have decided bars are the safest place in town to hang out.

So if you need me I will be at the pub to not make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:55 PM


Don't be alone... Next time you bunker down at the pub make sure I know about it. I'll cover your back.
Blogger Basegasket, at 6:23 AM  
Seems like an eminently sensible idea. Have one for me.
Blogger Richard, at 7:22 AM  

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