Sunday, September 07, 2008

F- - - Mac and Mae

It really gets my goat that we the people have to bail out the corrupt and unethical mortgage giants that lack with all their over educated ivy league minds the foresight to see their facade would crumble. When my ARM loan went supernova there was no tax money to save my only living quarters, my down payment, my fucking HOME.

I know what you are saying, "Jed you should have read and understood your loan agreement better before signing." If you did say that you are giving me a heap of credit to think I could ever out think a team of lawyers and bankers who worked out their little plot to steal a living. Oh sure you business minded GOP suckers say, "well it was perfectly legal." Everything is legal if you have the lobbyist to make it that way. Just because something follows the law does not make it necessarily right.

Now we the people are involved in a huge socialistic (yea that's right I used the "S" word) scheme to save the mortgage giants who have already taken the money and ran. What happened to the pure capitalistic sink or swim in the free market G(f-ing)OP philosophy? Go ahead throw stones at the tax and spend people across the isle while being the enormous wasters that you are, you war mongering liars.

I say let F Mac and F Mae F-ing sink in the unethical bed they made with their other buddies from Enron and the like. Give them the same choices they gave me, pay up or lose.

I hope all you Bushites and McSame followers who have not been taken by these contradictory terms of a free market never have to suffer it, because I would not make matters worse by wishing on you. Stay in that daydream and sell out your countrymen to overseas workers, your facade will crumble soon enough without my illwishing.

We are all being lied to sheeple...about damn near everything.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 2:38 PM


I second that emotion.
Anonymous Cathy, at 4:09 PM  
...all that and not one mention of collective bargaining and ssi reform.
Oh I can't decide..? Blog on brother, blog on...
Blogger Basegasket, at 7:15 PM  
the profits frum such a entity is sharrd with verr few rich folks. the risks is spread out fer all of usns to pay.
Blogger buddydon, at 12:50 PM  
Yep, its free market when leaches are drawing off the profits and Socialism when they bleed it to death or need start up cash.

If we had any real idea how our collective efforts were really squandered we would take to the streets showing our teeth and spitting out the kings crappy tea.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 2:11 PM  
I agree Jed it is B>S. that the govt. "bailed" out the Freddies but we all have to take some personal responsibility in the decisions we make. When I bought my home they told me roughly what the ARM would adjust to and I knew I had to plan accordingly.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:29 PM  
I don't deny personal responsibility and I certainly paid the price for my ineptitude. How much are the bankers and lawyers at Freddy and Fanny paying for helping me in to something they had to know was unstable business? They said I should not see anything higher than a 20% jump at the end of three years when in fact I saw an 75% jump on top of finding out my actual market value was lower than the loan appraisal. I was early in this collapse, a trend setter if you will. If you really truly believe your amortized loan paying sum bitch like me is fully to blame then vote in another republican and start another war on borrowed money. Go ahead and work three jobs to never pay off your upside down ARM loaned mortgage. Oh yea, don't forget to send Uncle Sam plenty too he has socialistic banks to run, while his subjects can't afford a healthy life.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:13 PM  
On every bit of paper connected with an investment there is usually a caveat along the lines of "remember: investments can go up as well as down". That is investment. It relies on the market and if the market isn't there you have no value. It's very simple. Companies that can't read their own small print don't really have a leg to stand on, especially as it appears that they've been suckered like a greedy gambler. Clever gamblers lay off their risk. The US banks it seems attempted to lay off their risk by investing in EXACTLY the same kind of market but over here! Wow, that's clever. Why on earth do we trust our money to these stunningly untalented people?
Blogger Richard, at 5:24 AM  
The richer you are, the more likely the government will save your ass. And sadly that ain't gonna change no matter who moves into the WH.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:15 PM  

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