Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IRS was fair to Jed

I want to share some good news. I know what you are saying, "Jed, that ain't what you normally do." Well I wanted to tell you a story about a man named Jed who was bold enough to ask the IRS to have mercy, and they did. I know it is a freaking miracle, it is nothing short of a miracle.

I had received a letter a few weeks ago from the IRS explaining when I had to do the short sale on my house the wonderful Country Wide Bank had filed a 1099 of some type that credited me with a capitol gain of some seven thousand dollars. Since I had been excused of that much on my upside down loan they were expecting about one thousand dollars in taxes from Jed. As you can imagine I was very upset, well hell I'll just say it I was pissed dead off. I lost my entire down payment of twenty grand and had to move quickly with no tax relief since I am now a renter. So I called and spoke with the agent and explained all this. Without much compassion he said to write it all down in a letter and send it in.

I thought well...I will try and compose a friendly and humble letter even though I felt anything but friendly and humble. I was feeling like another loser all over again. I was in the mood to quit trying at all and start systematically killing my liver with cheap vodka.

Your standard still successful fellow American will look at this whole ARM loan mess as stupid people signing documents they don't read and understand. I hope stuffed assholes like that get out thunk by a group of Lawyers and Bankers when they need it most, lets say when they need that surgery. What didn't you read and understand that thing you signed call your Health Insurance package? I don't make matters worse when I say we are all subjected to corruption of this kind and it devalues everyone.

Anyway, rant about judgmental idiots aside, I must have proved in my simple letter and worth sheet that it was nothing but a total loss on my side. It was a raw deal, and I guess the facts were sufficient to excuse Jed.

I can't tell you how much a thousand dollars is to me, but let me say it means a lot. So, I will say something I thought I would never say...Thank you Internal Revenue Service.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:23 PM


In light of your windfall of sorts, can you join us for lunch friday? Leo's???
Blogger Basegasket, at 5:29 PM  
I would love to, but like the IRS and Countrywide crap the gains and losses only exist on balance spread sheets not on treasury notes.

Thanks for askin', keep it up and one day I might surprise you with an extra ten in my wallet to buy you a round of vittles.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 9:05 PM  
Jed, good for you making the call and writing the letter. It never hurts to make matters better.
Blogger red molly, at 10:32 PM  
this is truly eggzellent news, sir. i am happy to read whar innybidy kin hold thar own with the irs, speshly good folk such as ye n yers.
Blogger buddydon, at 9:11 AM  
I was actually lucky and got genuine cash money back from my tax man and that was through being honest and upfront. It pays in the long run.
Blogger Richard, at 5:30 AM  
There are 400 million people in America. The IRS is bound to get it right once or twice. Lucky you!
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 6:10 PM  

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