Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Prophet Obvious Jed

Happy new year folks, my beloved guests. I am increasingly amazed at the opportunity the internet has provided common people like myself to hold captive your interest.

This year I find myself wanting to read more on national conspiracies or at least peoples suspicions of all things American (or anti-American, if that is your viewpoint). We are a nation of laws, perhaps too many laws for me to understand and I think that is wrong. I say this because I know that ignorance of the law is never an excuse when you inadvertently break one. As a prophet of the obvious and full time wage slave I would have to devote more hours than are available on the clock to the study of the laws of the land to be a proper law abiding citizen. That is wrong, too many things are legislated that don't really need to be. I hope this year you won't think I subscribe to all the conspiracy theories I exhibit here, but I think it is fun to see.

Ladies and Gentlemen our national anthem to start the year out right.

Remember things are rarely what they seem and Jed is going to be watching the man behind the curtain close this year. I don't expect any of the items I search to change things. There are a few things that come to mind that are historic conspiracy suspects, but nothing ever comes of them, so we go forward in time without real answers.

As you know my schtick is to strive to not make matters worse, so I will continue that as I hope to point to more disturbing ideas.
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i bin wontin to play thisn to see whut twuz. grate idee that feller had, no?
Blogger buddydon, at 8:35 AM  
Have you watched the 'Loose change' documentaries? Very powerful!
Blogger Julie, at 7:01 AM  

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