Thursday, January 31, 2008

American Acts of Jed

Crime is on the rise and times are getting weird with the Gov'ment wanting to flow our money back to us in order to prime the economy pump. I think the cash would be better spent somewhere in the education or health care system in real dollars per person not some whacked out program that has a crew of over paid council members and directors. Example, if $1000 dollars were given to each public educated primary (k-12) aged student with the money managed directly by their teachers they might be inspired to take the kids to some event, arrange an inspiring trip, hire/acquire additional resources or visit a distant exhibit to prime their young minds. All the while stimulating the economy providing said goods and services. Many young people do not get to go anywhere besides their neighborhood and if they could be shown first hand, the world, a different place from their despair for a week they might find inspiration to learn and dream. Something other than handing money out to citizens who's only choice in the market place are imported shiny doo-dads. I feel that if I had a extra few hundred dollars that it would help for a very short time to boost my expenses of living indoors and all would return to struggle the next month.

Hunter S. Thompson said in one of his novels "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro", I like that quote way too much. Pondering on the hush money the federales are offering, I have found the most American way to spend it. Buy an American made firearm from a local dealer. Nothing could be more American in the exercising of rights and buying power. If things go well in the future and I don't need the thing, I'll trade it in for some Chinese made gee-gaws. While things are unsettled I might find myself in a battle for resources where someone thinks they can take from me what they want because I seem defenseless. I will surprise them and have a capable weapon I am comfortable using, plenty of ammunition, practice, and be a ready American. Read up on the safest way to store my defense tool, learn how it works, how to take it apart, how to put it together, how to clean it and keep it working well, I will make it a hobby.

They have been telling me terrorist are everywhere for too many years now for me not to listen and be ready to not make matters worse.

:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:23 PM


Jed, I've heard there are more firearms in your country than there are people. Doesn't look as though the deterrent's working very well.
Blogger Richard, at 3:16 PM  
Richard, it seems our country is excessive in everything. We have enough nukes to wipe the world clean of all living things a hundred times over, and we won't offer our kids the best education and health care. We are short sighted to say the least.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:31 PM  
Jed, have you survived the wind?
Blogger Richard, at 5:10 PM  
I got an invitation to join the National Rifle Association the other day. Which is doggone weird because I don't own a rifle. My name must have gotten switched with someone else.

Out there in America somewhere, there's an Uzi-toting border vigilante who just got invited to join the Cat Fancy Association of America.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:31 PM  

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