Sunday, December 09, 2007


Image of a 1979 gas coupon that was
proposed and never enacted.

We are worried about WWIII while WWO (world without oil) is creeping up on us. WWO is a finished ARG (alternate reality game) where a multitude of participants penned the various aspects and ramifications that could occur during the economic model known as Peak Oil. Since the game ended, one of the creators fashioned a blog to follow news stories paralleling the games suppositions and compiling the scenarios that unfolded during the game in an orderly form for posterity's sake. They are working on a short film to post to YouTube that will be released soon as well.

Jed being the Heuristic Prophet of the Obvious that he is has been watching this Peak Oil theory for a time now and this WWO Blog will be added to his links for all of us to use. He is suggesting you take a few browsing moments with them to consider what the fleas will do if the dog dies. Jed is fascinated with greed as it is inborn on the cellular level of all living things. Looking at how every living thing consumes its host to death. Crops rob the soil, cancer kills the animal and people consume everything they can until it is over. Jed knows Mother Nature will take it all back in her time.
Side Note: I enjoy speaking about my pseudonym in the third person as if it is another human all together.

This ain't here to worry you it is here to make you think, and thinking don't always make matters worse.
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A.) I love speaking in the third person as well.
B.) You last sentence may be the best line of the year in the blogosphere.

Sending you many good thoughts, Jed.
Blogger Newscoma, at 8:49 PM  
I talk about Jed in the third person too... but that would be normal wouldn't it?
Blogger Basegasket, at 9:00 PM  
What an awesome entry and so thought provoking - so groovy that someone is tracking this kind of thing!
My neighbor, a phd philosophy prof at UT, has a theory about the nation being addicted to oil like a drug, at first it doesn't feel good, then you want more, then you are dependent on it in a very sick way. You said it as well.
I'm sorry we lost your dog!
Blogger Julie, at 6:25 PM  
Not only do we speak to the Jed in the third person, but we refer to them in the collective plural. We say things like "thanks be to the Jed for their insightful posts and for mentioning the World Without Oil blog 'WWO Lives'." The WWO site itself (the archive of the game) can be found at We hope the Jed continue to predict the Heuristically Obvious!
Blogger WriTerGuy, at 2:30 PM  

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