Monday, December 03, 2007

It had to be here

Something happened the other day that makes me glad I live in this scrappy little city in the heart of our Appalachian valley. Can you believe freemen wondering the streets taking out traffic cameras? Local news and National news found it interesting enough to give us the scoop.

Sure they tell us it is for our safety, but statistics indicate that timing of yellow lights are a superior safety improvement over the threat of a fine.
Let us not forget other "crimes" such as not wearing seat belts when we don't require it for our children on school buses. This type lawmaking does not have a thing to do with public safety. I guess it is better to get a taser shock than a bullet too, but there are clear rules about using bullets as well as facing ones accuser.

This particular camera is the closest one to Jed's house and it is obvious to me it is a fee grabber for a ridiculously designed intersection. I normally drive dangerously slow around it just to be sure I don't get hit with a fine.

I don't condone disobedience of the law, but there is coming a time where the stress of too many taxes and laws will rue the vile action of the people. If we the people don't veer from this path of acceptance of corruption and twisted laws it will make matters worse.

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Yep, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy bout living here as well!
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