Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar cookie bite

As I watched the lunar eclipse tonight I thought it looked like a pale green cookie with a bite crunched out. This time when the moonrise started the moon was invisible because it was already in the shadow of earth (known as umbra). When I did start to see the moon it was pretty high above the horizon and a light spot was visible to the lower left side of the dark disc (known as penumbra). So as the eclipse event was near the end it looked much like the Jedited image above.

I think it will be kewl when we have condos on the moon and we can see the earth move in front of the sun. It would be a nifty thing to be on the moon when it blocks the sun coming to earth in a solar eclipse too. We would see a dark spot move across the face of earth. Will we call it a "Terra eclipse" to not make matters worse on the moon?
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:23 PM


Unfortunately, all the snow and clouds made it impossible to view the eclipse here. A huge disapointment.
Anonymous greatwhitebear, at 10:53 PM  
ye could see it jes fine up in here, but i wuz so whipped i couldnt make myself git out. i had hoped to git a pitcher of it, but couldnt make it. tiz a shamefull thang to add mitt. but yer cookie stands in rite nice.
Blogger buddy don, at 12:44 PM  
Back in '95 there was a great lunar eclipse. We sat in our back yard with the kids (they were 6 & 2 at the time). I explained to them what was happening using a flashlight, a volleyball and a tennis ball. One of our best family memories to date.
Blogger West Nashville Gringo, at 6:29 AM  
I could only see the sliver of the aftermath up here on the Cherohala.. ;o(
But that cookie scene makes me feel better..
Blogger sandegaye, at 11:40 AM  

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