Saturday, February 03, 2007


I suffer from SAD some this time of year. My body is a little on the slender side and cold weather seeps deep into my marrow, or at least it feels like that. Sunshine provides so much comfort to me during the summer and I start missing it in December and get raw by this time of year. We get plenty of sunny days here in the winter, but you can stand in it all day and never feel the radiation. The condition is compounded by the money strife that is caused by Christmas and doubled utility bills.

Anyway I like to dream of owning a small Harley-Davidson once again. I have had two in my life and lost them to money difficulties. I am starting to give up on ever owning anything material at this point in my life. I think after this last house deal I will never be able to own a home. I am not a bad man, I just have no income, which ain't a crime...yet. I still can not understand how the reports are saying how great the economy is and all my cohorts are doing with less and less each paycheck.

But anyway I like to go to the Harley site and do a little custom bike building and screen shot them (see above). It makes me feel some better about things, to dream of having a toy or two. The fact is, living indoors, having utilities, phone and internet is about all the luxury I can hope for anymore. I really hate seeing so many serfs like me and the numbers growing, at least here they are from my viewpoint. It would be different if we were not trying so dang hard. It makes me want to just lay down and not get up, at least my time would be my own if I were a lazy drug zombie living off the system and charity. Sorry to be glum and whiney.

It don't make matters worse dreaming of a warm summer day riding a iron horse on a curvy road.
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Hi Jed, Well I've found myself in a similar situation twice in my life, not SAD just lousy finances, being squeezed till the pits squeaked! I guess I've always been an optimist & believed things would eventually get better and thank the Lord they did. I guess I'm a wage slave too but it keeps a roof over our heads, we eat well, I run 2 (compact) cars & a 2005 XL883C. Is it easy (rhetorical question), no it isn't, but with careful budgeting I can just manage. I'm 18 yrs older than you & can't see myself EVER being able to retire but I'm grateful for what I have. You take care buddy & don't let the bastards grind you down! Cheers, Mike.
Anonymous Mike, at 4:00 PM  
Thanks Mike! I know things can always be worse.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 9:43 PM  
Hey guy, Like you blog. Nice build you did...keep dreaming, you never know what will happen! jojo
Blogger Jojo, at 6:48 PM  

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