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I was watching the keynote speech and iPhone introduction on the iPhone site. It is truly wonderful all the features offered on this device and I am excited for the future. Except for the fact that these will be built in some foreign place where they can get slaves to build them for near nothing and ship them here to America. America where the working class folks are being pushed to poverty because their jobs are sent to foreign ports making their efforts worth less and less. America where the greatest services are available if you have the cash, otherwise your health insurance cost more than your rent, and you still have huge deductibles. If you want to live here then decide if you want shelter, health care or information services. You can't have everything you spoiled American!

JediPhone...another Jedited photo from the mind of Jed showing
the Safari Browser on the iPhone with my blog.

I am glad the Government is trying to help with the minimum wage increase. I see it as making my wage worth less as I most likely will not get an increase. It seems to me our elected would consider making it too costly to import goods contracted overseas to help keep jobs here. Too bad I know that laws like that would never fly because the only voice heard in D.C. are the big Apples who gain from foreign wage slaves.

I guess I am doom saying and making matters worse looking at it this way.
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whut ye writ here has me wontin to post sumthin i been meanin to post fer years now, witch thats the fashion slide show frum the new york times magazine whar ye gut ladies wearin bloues that cost hunderds of dollars n skirts that cost thousunds. ye know that aint rite!

i am still hankerin after a maximum wage, witch i bleeve that wood wurk a lot better on a counta them that wonts to be rich wood half to raze up thar lease well paid ifn they wonted to git more. n they do, no matter how much they gut.
Blogger buddydon, at 9:33 AM  
No you're not.
Anonymous Richard, at 4:58 PM  
Thanks guys!

I am with you buddy don on the maximum wage idea because minimum wage ain't working at all. It tends to push the almost sunk into the deeper end of it.

Richard I like you, I think you get it when I have a case of the blues.

January was hard and February has had a really really rough start in both money and family struggles.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:59 PM  
I guess I am doom saying and making matters worse looking at it this way.

Telling it like it is never makes matters worse, Jed. People who support free trade (managed world trade is actually a better word) always say that corporations export jobs because Americans are greedy and want too much. As if eating, drinking clean water, having a roof over one's head, or the ability to see a doctor without going into bankruptcy are no longer necessities, but luxeries.

Here's to a maximum wage! Like Buddy Don said once- base it on a certain amount times the minimum. If people can't live on three or even five-hundred thousand dollars a year, I don't know what to tell them; except maybe that they are the ones who represent real greed.
Blogger Elvis Drinkmo, at 11:24 AM  
Thanks Elvis D, for seeing my vision through my blur of words!

Did you drop your site? Are you just hanging out with Anne, Dave and Chad over't A.Greens?
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:40 AM  
Yes, Jed- I dropped my site. I just didn't have enough material to keep up with it so I'm hanging out with Anne and Dave (and learning to tolerate grumpy, old pinko-commies like Chad.)
Blogger Elvis Drinkmo, at 4:52 PM  
I'm w/you on fer shure.
It's a real shame in the worlds most wealthy country that 37 million americans don't have health care, that hard working people like you struggle when you shouldn't have to, and CEO's are making $148K per day.
Blogger Julie, at 7:24 PM  
TJ - You can't make things worse speaking the truth!

And when you get the JedPhone to market, I'll be first in line to purchase.
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 7:30 PM  

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