Sunday, February 25, 2007

If you want it

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(so sue me I ain't got shit anyhow)

I hope you folks get a chance to watch the film "
The United States vs. John Lennon" at some point. I realize it is about as left as it gets, but that must be where my head and heart lie. The similarities between what was going on then and now are scary. The main thing that seems different is the draft. It got the energetic late teens and early twenty something folks saying "hell no". I wonder if we have trained our latest generations to never question authority in preparation for the current times. Old Dick C. and D. Rummy were around and in the scene back then. Makes my mind start to thinking there ain't much cash to be made on peace anyway.

One quote that is not mentioned on IMDb which struck my head hard was when Mr. Lennon said, "Once they get you violent, then they know exactly how to handle you".

Movies that make me think can't make matters worse...can they?
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 10:23 PM


i caint hardly wait to see thisn. as profet of the obveeus, ye mite coulda dun alreddy perdickted that.
Blogger buddy don, at 12:31 PM  
I can count on you bd, to always have my back and my left too!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:23 PM  
I have heard from several people to watch that, but keep forgetting, I will watch it, but you are right,, it scares me how apethetic we have all grown,, but don't think there isn't a draft bill, there is!! I probably won't get passed, but it has been written up.
I always loved the song... what the world needs is love, I'm too idealist.
Blogger Julie, at 9:48 PM  
Oh yeah, if they had the draft this war would be over in a helluva hurry. That's why some Democrat tried to get a bill through Congress. Have you heard about the soldiers they're sending to Iraq? Like, 2 weeks combat readiness, and you're in? Like, lower standards on basic IQ tests?

And if you add that people who volunteer to fight in Iraq must be pretty stupid to begin with ... emmm....
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:27 PM  

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