Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tour de Frank

(this is a bootleg cover of a Dylan show at the Tabernacle)

My wife and I took some time to go to Atlanta and see the Zappa Plays Zappa tour in a most unique place this past week. It was a nice gift to us for Christmas from us. I would explain more about the tour, but the website does it best.

I wanted to tell you about the experience of the Tabernacle venue. The place holds less than 2500 people so it was very intimate. It served as the House of Blues while the Olympics were in town and way before that it was The Luckie Street Baptist Church early in the 1900's. The place was built for acoustics with a pipe organ for a starting point. The whole thing is one nice sound box and every seat is wonderful.

My wife had lost her phone somewhere in the building during the show, but that was a blessing really as I continue with this story. The next morning I thought I would go back and see if I could find it in the lost and found. No one was in the office so I went round back and found roadies working and asked if I could check inside for her phone. They were friendly help as they called the stage manager. The manager explained they had a bucket of phones and said he would gladly take me to the upper office to find it. We started our journey from the lowest point back stage and traveled the building from stem to stern. All the while we were walking he was explaining all the wonderful people he has had the pleasure of working with over his time there. So I get this really cool tour in to get the phone and another on the way out.

It never makes matters worse to go and honestly ask for what you want, hell sometimes you even get a friendly tour.
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What a great gift to give each other. I'm glad you had some time off together.
Blogger red molly, at 7:34 AM  
my brother and his son went to the Zappa show. course now, my bro saw the real Zappa in concert about 25 times and was eager to share the memories of his music with his son, now 16.

i am awaiting some feedback from them both about the show, especially about Napoleon Murphy Brock.
Anonymous joe powell, at 9:41 AM  
What a nice fella that was! I'll bet they do get batches of phones after concerts. When my daughter and I went to see Les Claypool, we were about the only ones who weren't trying to take his picture with a phone. (We were also the only ones who didn't crawl out of the building on all fours when the gig was done.)
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:10 PM  
What a great looking place.
Anonymous Richard, at 5:52 PM  

Napoleon Murphy Brock sang almost every song! Terry Bozio did a 12 minute drum solo, and Steve Vai was nothing to sneeze at either. It was 3 hours with no intermission. Dweezil definitely did his father proud.

Blessings Abound.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 7:45 PM  
Oh, I guess I should have mentioned, NMB can dance! He was all over the stage in a way reminiscent of James Brown. He worked hard that night. I dare to say there is a new "hardest working man in show business."
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 7:47 PM  
NMB is my hero -- and you're right - Steve Vai has talent's beyond reckoning - after all, he got his chance to join FZ's band as a teen who arrived one day at FZ's offices with a stack of self-transcribed sheet music for FZ's solos. Even FZ was beyond impressed!!

and a Merry Christmas/Festivus/Solstice to you all!!!
Anonymous Joe Powell, at 10:18 AM  
"It never makes matters worse to go and honestly ask for what you want, hell sometimes you even get a friendly tour."

amen, sir.
Blogger buddy don, at 12:41 PM  

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