Saturday, September 30, 2006

Report to workers comp people

I went to get my tibia and fibia x-rayed for a workers comp claim the other day and found the bone intact but a nasty contusion with hematoma. I needed to write a discription of the accident for them. So I did it with the usual Jed flair to not make matters worse.

On Sunday September tenth at approximately nine thirty a.m. I Tennessee Jed was requested to do the task of adding moisture to the wood shavings in the Show Barn to contain some of the dust from polluting the air inside the arena.

Learning of an event that was scheduled for eleven a.m. I gathered a one hundred and fifty foot length of water hose, a helper/driver and a golf cart to haul us and the hose to the locality. The aforementioned helper/driver and I entered the arena floor with the golf cart and parked it squarely with the rear end to the dividing rail to facilitate unloading and connecting the water hose. After hooking and threading the hose safely across the seating area I continued with the task of watering down the shavings for approximately twenty minutes.

Growing weary of dragging a large amount of water hose filled with water across the damp and deep wood shavings I concocted a plan to set myself and some of the hose on the rear facing seat of the aforementioned golf cart and have my helper drive me to the furthest point of the arena floor. My helper upon starting the vehicle began to accelerate in the wrong direction because the cart was in reverse gear as he had backed close into the railing to unload the hose. After traveling about two feet we came to abrupt stop as my right shin was mashed forcefully between the sturdy steel rail and the rim of the golf cart seat. My helper/driver realizing what had happened placed the cart in the appropriate forward gear and loosened the grip inertia had gained on my leg. He came around to inspect me and give aid while listening to my rant of every Bible character I could blame at the time, along with some bad mother and fatherless remarks aimed into the air.

We continued on the project after I took a few moments to compose my emotions and inspect my leg for functionality. I found that while the leg was hurting it had no apparent loss of dexterity or tactile strength and quite useful enough to carry on with the chore.

Serious concern for my leg began about ten days after the injury when dark blue spots seemed to be roving about the foot and thigh along with its inability to perform for very long without hurting profusely.

That brings me up to date with my contact with you about having it checked by someone who owns an x-ray machine and can read the results.

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