Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More on the Bronco

Well I have been a bad blogger and unable to get the time to do much reading or writing. I am working for the Tennessee Valley Fair as a tempoary second job for a couple of months. I can add rousty to my list of hats to wear when needed

I wanted to keep y'all informed about the Bronco also as a way to keep up the details of the headache. I wrote the following letter to the Lawyer who contacted me to get the automobile off his land and I have not had any return...but it was a nice letter.

Dear Rich Lawyer,

Thank you so much for your efforts in finding me regarding the automobile that was abandoned on your newly acquired property on A--- Road. I am also thankful for the other items you donated from the property that were a great help to a friend in need.

I am contacting you via email because of the non-invasive nature of a simple letter which requires no guilt if you are not interested in responding.

Upon trying to obtain a copy of the title to the aforementioned automobile I gained some information on the former owner of your property which you may or may not need. The former owner David F--- seems to be living with Joe and Mary G--- at 7--- Y--- Drive in Knoxville with the phone number 865---------.

I spent the entire day Monday, August fourteenth between the Knox County Court Clerks office and on the phone with the Nashville Motor Vehicle Department to get the simple information listed above. It seems when it became absolutely necessary for Mr. F--- to stop driving on my license plate as it was a couple of months out of date, he tried to title/register his vehicle with a scribbled out price on his title thus freezing anyone from gaining a title to the vehicle at this point without proper notary documents.

I placed a call to David F--- to see what his mindset was on the issue of the vehicle. He informed me he had bought the car from the person I sold it to, who never registered it in his name. Mr. F--- went on to say that his faulty pen had caused the ink discrepancies the courthouse was suspicious of and he needed me to go with him to a notary to fix the sale issue. I told him that since I did not sale the vehicle to him that I could not and would not confirm a price to anyone. I also told him I was a bit perturbed that he had been using my tag and title while running the vehicle into a dilapidated and deplorable condition until the crash with another vehicle that was most likely due to his neglecting the condition of the brakes.

When I sold the vehicle in November for $900 it was in nice aesthetic condition, but in need of some expensive transmission work which I could not afford. The man who bought it from me stated he was looking to help his Nephew with a four wheel drive project car and was delighted to get it. It appears the buyer was unable to follow up on his stated desire as he sold it to David
F--- who in my observation was a very irresponsible owner.

When I spoke to Mr.
F--- I told him I had invested about twenty hours and one hundred dollars for parts getting the vehicle into a drivable although wrecked condition and I would like to recover at least the cash as I have put much effort in fixing his mistakes. I also expressed the fact that if Floyd's Wrecker Service had taken possession of the unit the bill would dwarf the value of the vehicle and they would take it for the accumulated charges. I still await his return phone call as promised two days ago.

My question is: Do you have any ownership of this vehicle as part of the sale of the A--- Road property and its contents?

I want to do the proper thing on this issue without losing my investment of one hundred dollars or letting someone drive a vehicle that has my name attached to it. While I would enjoy having the vehicle, I do desire fairness to Mr.
F--- and his investment as well.

Any input you have would be valued and adhered to, but understandably you may not have a dog in this fight.

Tennessee Jed

I hope matters won't worsen over this because Jed is fair minded and needs no trouble with the law...ever, mostly because I can't afford rich lawyers.
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The skills you can acquire as a honest-to-Pete Carny Folk (to quote The Simpsons) may in fact serve you well as you negotiate with lawyers.
I think lawyers invented that Ring Toss dealie.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 10:48 PM  
I don't think that letter will make matters worse.
Anonymous Richard, at 9:44 PM  

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