Sunday, July 09, 2006

Dumb Smartphone

I have this smart phone from Nokia I have been using for the past three years and it is dead tech, but I like it. Well the other day I was in a rush to do some laundry and the phone was attached to my belt so as I loaded the clothes the smart phone unclipped from my belt and fell in. Needless to say my smartphone got real dumb after a spin or two with water and Tide. This phone is the one that I use to post all my photos here and I like having it with me all the time because otherwise I would not go to the effort to get a camera and take a shot when a good one comes in my view.

My wife made this beautiful and delicious
blackberry cobbler after picking the berrys.
I call it "real blackberry".

See Jed still gets high! This is about sixty feet above
a baseball field, another good shot that would be missed
had I not had a camera with me in the boom truck.

Faced with the loss of my only digital camera I went on a search for a new one. I have found that Nokia has made some wonderful advancements with their Smartphone line up. I also found I can't afford to upgrade to the smaller and smarter phones with three megapixel cameras and computer features that make some laptops look weak. I did find a used phone just like my old phone and I am happy to have it to catch my simple 640x480 photos for sharing.

I have seen a glimpse into the future of hand held devices that can see, speak, and hear things way out of the range of my own human eyes and ears. The dead tech unit I carry has programs to hear and meter tones that I can't with its digital tuner. It has an IR port to talk to other units like computers and televisions. It has bluetooth radio communication, wi-fi and can capture digital video and photos. It has a program to convert all sorts of data to other sorts of data like watts to horsepower, metric to S.A.E. and cubic feet to water volume. It can use data like e-books, pdf, wmv and mp3 files as well. There are just too many features to mention in this post.

The prophet of the obvious can see that these types of devices will become part of the human lifestyle in the next generation if we don't end up burnning out our bio-sphere first which would of course make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 10:20 AM


Good post Jed. The real blackberry does look beautiful and delicious. Freshly picked blackberries turned into a delicious pie...what a simple little ringtone as good as it gets!!!
Blogger red molly, at 4:49 PM  
I agree with Red Molly that blackberry pie looks pretty damn good.

For the record, I have thus far resisted the cell phone thing. I've hated telephones since I was about four and the thought of someone calling me when I'm not even home is bothersome. But here a few months ago I blew I tire, realized I didn't have the key to unlock my spare, and locked my keys in truck. At that point in time, I really wished I had one.
Blogger CM Edwards, at 6:14 PM  
Yes that pie does look like something out of Southern Living Magazine and made me so hungry for it w/ some vanilla bean ice cream!
I fear that technology is growing faster than we can handle it. But then I resist change.
Blogger Julie, at 6:48 AM  
Are you getting spammed? Anyway, I'm with the consensus on the blackberry pie, mmmmm, and the thought of ice-cream with it just does the business for me. Wish my pies looked that good ;)
Blogger krusty the baker, at 6:12 PM  
Thanks for comming over to see Jed folks. We did have vanilla bean ice cream with the cobbler...and it rocked!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 6:42 PM  
i agree the pie makes yer mouth water, but whut i wunder is how long till all the deevices is cumbined into one: twill have the tunes capassity of a ipod, the pitcher-takin ability of a 8 megapixel camera (with exter lenses?), the email capassity of a blackberry, the credit/debit talents of plastick cards, the abilty to record digital sounds n all the pda stuff ye could wont ... n then how long it takes to implant the lil chip in yer brain sos ye dont half to use yer hands to operate it. yer the prophet of the obveeus, sir: how long?
Blogger buddy don, at 5:16 AM  
Hey Now Buddy Don thanks for stoppin' in on Jed. You forgot the hand held MRI/Cat scan software with difibulator and geiger counter. Also the tazer with pepper spray personal protection device.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:39 AM  

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