Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dream of Jed, not so obvious

Last night I had a dream of extreme muscle ability. I was able to pose my body in any position as long as there was a place to anchor, even the tip of my nose was strong enough to lift my body effortlessly. It was more like the ability to levitate, but I had to have a place to put a tiny portion of my being. Even the most fragile leaf of a tall tree was enough to support my mass while in perfect ballance on the toenail of my smallest toe.

In my quest to not make matters worse and fulfill my duty as the self appointed Prophet of the Obvious I am now in fear for my sanity. The aforementioned quest to pass through this stressful life disconnected while observing my failures as if they were a work of fiction on modern crystal ball, a mostly burned out cathode ray tube aches my soul. The obvious works being done near and far all appear to be designed to hurt people in my classification/station here on this earthly plane and my passion is growing to an explosive point and I know not what to do with the stored up energy.

I know of many good points to ponder to keep my gander at bay, yet I feel the need to be angry, fearful and hurt. I want to join with some like minded peoples and beat out a difference here, somehow. If the alliance I wish to find, if like minded people exist cost me my own life, be it. It would be better to die than to live the half-life of muddy observations I seem to have lately. After all death is the easy part of living while so many things pile on to suck it away. My ability to focus on these points has been honed during this fallow time of a few seasons as I try and keep matters neutral.

In my insanity of having too few resources to move anything here, I grow ready to accept any fate as long as I am moving something, someway here on earth. In my observations when I apply efforts with passion it has grown no fruit that I can see, perhaps my dream points to the effortless movement I may have already. Life with its time equation has made everyone a hypocrite in the past, present and future, most importantly me, as I am the single largest influence in my life. Help me find a way into the future that makes matters better and to a prophecy to progress a positive change before my ability of mind and body slips away. I know from my vision I must be connected at least in the smallest part to have any ability to rise above the baseline of gravity in my situation.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 11:11 AM


I just want to serenade you from Cali...
"...blacked my eye and he kicked my dog"
Don't worry. I'm coming quick with the iodine!
Blogger Dyna Girl, at 3:45 PM  
Next to goats, I am an expert on interpreting dreams. Here's yours.

First, you are not crazy. You knew you were dreaming when you woke up.

Second, the fact that you could find balance on any part of your body means that you feel weighed down by the world and want to regain your lightness of being. The fact that you were able to balance without fear even on the smallest, most fragile parts of your body means that deep inside you are confident that you can achieve this balance. Otherwise you would have had a nightmare about having to balance your whole body on your nose!

Sometimes when the world outside seems overwhelming, the news on the tv and the shitty things happening in your home state, and your work, and all that, can affect your balance.

Dr. Anne suggests you find a pool and take a swim, and if you're comfortable being underwater in the deep end, just meditate and reenact the dream in the water.

This dream analysis is offered free of charge. And that's probably just what it's worth.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:22 PM  
I think he just watched too many episodes of "Carnivale" in a row. :)
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 5:34 PM  
Jed, you're a sound chap. Your description of your dream has brightened my evening, especially as I have just been informed by one of my clients that he was mugged this morning, in one of the more select areas of London. Things like that sadden me immensely. I think you're doing no better or worse than than the next person. Go on YouTube and look up some more Rory.
Anonymous Richard, at 6:13 PM  
Dyna, baby won't you carry me back to Tennessee.

Anne, it is priceless as I felt confident a matter you pointed out, I never felt as if I would fall. To raise my body was no more work than holding a sheet of paper.

Richard, I feel sound normally. I like the sound of this Rory chap.

Dear Wife, no matter the inspiration it is the result and the thought within.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 9:56 PM  
You're a beautiful man dearest Jed.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 10:11 PM  
imo, yer only problem is bein such a sane man in such a insane world. the sane mind caint hardly make sense of thangs when thar so far outta whack. i agree with anne, though: yer dream shows ye are on the rite track n doin (soul-wise) even bettern ye know.
Blogger buddy don, at 1:17 PM  
Thanks for the encouragement bd. I do hope to be sane and sober, it is plain hard to tell with nothing seeming to come out even anymore.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 1:55 PM  

On top of Anne's suggestion to take a swim, I would also suggest you destroy something. Something inanimate, of course, like a chair, a desk, a table. Or maybe a scream or a loud stream of cuss words would help.

This might sound funny coming from me, but anger, rage, and all that negative stuff is part of our being and sometimes I believe we just have to let it out.

I think it is impossible to be a thinking person in this world and not feel like you do. You're not insane by any means- it's the rest of the world that's insane and it's just real damn tough for sane people like us to deal with it.
Blogger CM Edwards, at 4:16 PM  

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