Monday, June 26, 2006

Rental Homes of America steal and lie

Rental Homes of America are liars, charlatans, shysters and perhaps con-artist. I have a BBB complaint in on them that I expect will never cause them one bit of grief.

It is sad I have to resort to slander to feel satisfaction, but my metatags are fairly strong with Google.

Here Is my side of the story. When my wife and I were hard pressed to find housing we started seeing that almost all the ads in the local paper were RHOA. When I called the toll free number they were glad to point me to their Knoxville office and assured me that they could and would find us housing within hours. When I went in the lady at the counter seemed sour that I was there (first red flag). Then I went into a shady office where another lady said that they would find me something or I could get a refund of all but ten dollars of my seventy nine for the service. The only thing they gave me was six sheets of paper with a brief description of about fifty rentals, price, address and a contact phone number. As I went through the list I found many were listed wrong on the price and some had bad phone numbers. Many of the other listings were no longer for rent. I called in to the office to report the
descrepancies on a daily basis the first lady (red flag girl) kept saying she had not been able to update because she was short-handed (another flag).

After a few days we found a place to rent no help from Rental Homes of America. We appilied for a refund of sixty nine dollars by providing a self addressed stamped envelope (red flag number three). I gave them all the information they asked for and they used my s.a.s.e. to send me back a letter saying the reciept they asked for was not included so my refund was denied. I called them and asked what they were talking about and they said they wanted the service reciept not my credit card reciept. I asked why the one sheet with the rules did not have the header "Service Reciept" if that is what they needed back to make clear. It was obvious to this prophet of the obvious that they wanted to include every loophole they could by not marking the sheet as a reciept at all. Then they pointed to the part of the sheet where it said Rental Homes of America would only process one refund request per account.

Anyway I told them that that was an obvious blocker to not title a reciept as a reciept and let me send another request and they said ok. I sent another request with the s.a.s.e..

Today I got a check for $34 (half what they owe me) with no explanation as to why they sent that amount. I guess I have been beat once more.

Too many companys today are using this tactic to slowly drain America of its life blood. If you try and deal with your health plan or most any contract from any company at all now it is some corporate unreachable.

I know you are saying Jed that is extreme "life blood"? Think about this if you are a wage slave paying social security and income taxes it takes several hours to clear seventy dollars. Our lifes are made of one thing, time and if some shyster steals your money he is taking your life blood...plain and simple.

R.H.O.A., Rental Homes of America make matters worse just like title loans and labor companys by stealing and lying to clients who happen to be of a lower income class.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 4:44 PM


They sound like Rat Bastards to me, plain and simple. They think if they give you enough grief, then you won't work hard enough for your money and they can keep it. But they never met TJ, did they? Little did they know..Go Get EM!!
Blogger Julie, at 10:20 PM  
whut julie sed! tiz a shame how so minny cumpnies these daze gits away with such shenanigans. putts me in mind of them insurants cumpnies that denies everthang ye claim n then ack lack twuz jes a miss take.

i hope ye git this outfit, witch sounds lack they wonta prosper frum other folkses mizry!
Blogger buddy don, at 6:05 AM  
Jed, you ought to call your local newspaper and ask to talk to the consumer reporter. Treatment like that would get in the papers around here. One of the Philly papers just did a long piece on how the "rent to own" places are such a terrible ripoff.

But, I am glad you found a place. That's the bright light.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 2:21 PM  
could contact that Channel 6 Investigates page too to go after em.

and Yeesh! what a bunch of idjits.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 4:22 PM  
I would call the newspaper. I would also report them to every organization you can think of from your local chamber, send letters to people who run your district etc.
Papers love features like this, although they will have to check it for slander etc.
But you can make it hard on them, if you have the inclination.
Blogger newscoma, at 11:56 PM  
Well, I'm not stating anything as fact, merely opinion, so that ain't libellous, but I think that RHOA seem a bunch of diarRHOeA shits. Buddy Don spot on, insurance companies are a right bunch of parasites.

TJ, keep on rockin', glad you got a roof, glad you still writin'.
Blogger krusty the baker, at 6:37 PM  
I am currently searching for a home to rent with a couple of my friends. We're three female college students and it is turning out to be alot harder than I thought it would be. I have an appointment to meet with RHOA on Thursday. After reading your blog I am definitely not going. I thought that the $79 fee sounded sketchy. So my question is, do you have any advice for me on how to find a home?
Anonymous Ally, at 11:55 AM  
I would drive around in the area you want to rent in and look for signs, that is what won us a place.

Good Luck! I am so glad that I have discouraged at least one customer of RHOA
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 7:25 PM  
I tend to disagree with Jed simply because he may have had a bad experience with them doesn't mean everyone will. I for one had a great experience with them. Rental Homes Of America helped me in such a way. I was in a major need of finding a home. I went and gave my money and walked out with a list. granted, I did not find something that day, but I was moved in to nice 2 bedroom house with a bonus room and a full basement in a week. And my rent was less than 600 dollars. And I am still there today. Maybe he went in on a bad day who knows, but I have heard more good than bad. My friend walked in and within 2 hours was signing a lease. I know of personally 5 other people who found a home within 1 week after signing up. I must say that you can not go on what one person's bad experience was. And, as far as, the Knoxville office you mention, I always found it to be cheerful and friendly. People with smiles and making you feel at home. I have never had a problem with anyone there. I still refer people there. And if I ever need to move I will go back there.
Sorry you had a bad day.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:03 PM  
I guess my real gripe is the fact that I met their requirements for a refund according to their contract and they stole my monies. That is bad business in anyone's book dear reader. So I stand by my accusation that the company takes advantage of simple people in need of services, then will not honor their own contract for refund. Stealing is stealing and lying is lying. I am glad they helped you, but their ethics suck.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 10:19 PM  
I would like to say that I used rhoa and, I didnt find newhere through them. I did receive a refund of the $34.00. It sounds to me like you didnt read the contract infull. They do xplain about the set up fee and all that other stuff. I would use them today if I had too.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 PM  
Does RHOA have a website? Some of their rules or regualations regarding refunds may be included there. I have seen several companies recently post the fine print online instead of on actual advertisements. I had thoughts of using RHOA to help me in my quest of someday owning a home even if i need to rent it to begin with. However, after reading all the comments, I'm not real sure what to do. Is there another local place in Knoxville that provides this type of service. Maybe then I could compare them to one another.
Anonymous Forest, at 4:37 PM  
Forest, I do not think they have a website. If you are looking to rent and want to use them read every part of the print and ask what documents are called, because the cleverly do not title the documents. They look for loopholes to the agreement to deny any sort of refund.

I would look at craigslist and if you are not able to drive around the neighborhoods you are interested in living in.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:32 PM  
I believe that RHOA RECOMENDER is lying through his/her teeth. The whole post sounds completely made up. I went to RHOA when I first moved to Knoxville and I know for a fact that the office is NOT friendly and cheerful, it was run down (from the walls to the floors to the furniture. In addition, with the exception of a FEW places, the places I went to look at were also run down and in disrepair. I got updates almost everyday and there were places that had been on the list since the beginning that were either already rented or not rented because it was such a nasty-hole.The update part is a joke, because a new place would appear on the list maybe about 3 times a week. So Jed I support you and agree with the poster who said this place should be investigated. If I had the money I surely would do that.
Anonymous Blazen, at 3:12 PM  
I too thought the place was run-down and should have left the moment I saw the place. I think they are on the list of BBB complaints. I am sure they have helped some folks, but I would bet most clients were not happy if they met the refund rules and did not get it. The lady there Rhonda was quite rude when I tried to understand the policy in full. It was as if she wanted a heated conflict so she could dismiss me as a kook. I even asked, "are you looking for a reason to get upset?"

I still say they are liars and crooks of the lowest level.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:43 PM  
I did use RHOA this week. We did find a house through them by some miracle BUT overall our experience though short was not pleasant. Half of the homes we were given had been rented out already, and with the exception of the one we rented, the other numbrers were disconnected or we recieved no answer nor did anyone return our calls.
Anonymous Liz, at 11:38 PM  
I make my living investigating fraudulent companies. I have investigated many claims of fraud and scam. After my son contacted this company from a newspaper ad, I decided that I would check it out first. I would like to share my experience and conclusions with you at this time. I went to their office and spoke with Rhonda (who I feel sure is the lady mentioned in a comment) with regards to the company finding me a rental property. I will not bore you with the details of my visit but I will share the basic facts. The “contract” that everyone is referring to, actually states that they are not responsible for the condition of the properties nor do they actually view the properties. Whom ever made the comment about the properties being ran down, did not take time to read this section. Your complaint Jed about the refund, is very misinformed and is also very well explained in their “contract“. My opinion is that there are a lot of people signing documents that they are not bothering to read. I did ask about the refund and Rhonda explained in great detail how the refund was broken down. She was very polite and professional and I have no complaints. Though I do not have to file a formal report, I would like for you to know that after my personal investigation, my son did pay for their services and was very satisfied. Yes some landlords don’t answer or return calls. That is not the companies fault. I feel comfortable say that I’m sure they don’t baby-sit the landlords. The bottom line is I found them to be a legitimate company, and that there are a lot of ignorant people complaining out of their own laziness for not reading a legal document before they sign it. Just to point out to you, they do have a website and furthermore, the "contract" is also on the website.
Anonymous skampopo01, at 4:43 PM  
Well I am coming at this from a different side of it. I have a couple of properties that RHOA, that they help me advertise for. This service is free advertising for landlords, so why wouldn't I use it. I will say this. My experience with RHOA, so far, has been a pleasant one. When I was first approach by RHOA. They did make me aware of what they did for landlords. I will say this in their deffense. They did tell me on the phone that the only thing that they ask of me as a landlord is to let them know when my properties have rented. I do, but it is not usually the first thing on my mind. However, I will say that when I do forget I get that ever so faithful phone call asking if I have rented my property or have any others. So I can in good conscience say that they must being calling landlords, cause they get me on the phone on the regular. I will also say that is my choice on who I let into my house and if you sound like an idiot, I will treat you like one and immediately tell you that it has rented. One piece of advice that I will say , after reading these comments,is never sign anything without reading first. DUH.
Anonymous Morris, at 4:57 PM  
I live in Memphis and they have a PO box addy listed with an unresolved complaint that someone made with the BBB. They also, at least in Memphis, changed their business name to something else. In Memphis, their business is located in one of the worse parts of town. A lot of folks go there for a while, because they claim that you can have bad credit and still obtain housing. I think they are a rip off and if you google them you will see why.

I know of this, because my dad was telling me about this company. He was thinking of renting a house instead of the apartment he has. I looked it up and told him to go somewhere else. He is a senior and I would never want this company near my daddy!

Y'all folks in Knoxville, Memphis, and wherever else ought to stay away from this company please.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:32 PM  
I just wonder if the person has had any personal experience with this company? The BBB in itself is a rip off. Think about it,, companys pay them money to tell the public they are a good company. I would think most companys have better things to spend their money on.
Anonymous Carrie, GA, at 5:25 PM  
Carrie, are you wondering if it is me that had this happen? Or is it the annon comment prior to yours in question?
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 12:20 AM  
Yes Jed, I am asking the annon person who commented. My question is has this person actually walked into one of their offices or are they speaking out of for lack of better words "word of mouth" knowledge. I for one find it hard to beleive that this company doesn't have in writing what is expected of the people they deal with. This questions would be to you Jed, do they? Is it spelled out clearly for people?
Anonymous Carrie, GA, at 8:48 PM  
It is a bit cloudy in the fact they do not title the documents that they require for refund. They do reserve the right to hold some moneys for their trouble. I think it was ten dollars. They held half of my monies after meeting the requirements. I guess it is a tiny amount in the real world where folks waste more than that on any whim. I was an unhappy customer, I used their service and found it was not good for my situation since I found a place outside the network. I felt they took more than their contract allowed under the circumstances. This blog is my only recourse to get my moneys worth. Looking at how high it hits on google I would say I have my refund. One reader says they have a website...I can't find it if so. And Rhonda oh poo she is a poor manager with no people skills.

Y'all want to use them, use them. I am no fool and I did what was asked and they kept more than their agreed share, them there is the facts.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 10:27 PM  
Jed I have to say this is absolute slander. You can be sued over this matter.
Anonymous carrie, ga, at 8:38 PM  
Carrie, it ain't slander if it is the truth. Right? Do you work for them or something? Besides I ain't got much to sue for. Both my car and my wifes are sheer junk worth less than one thousand dollars for the lot of them. I am obviously a renter so no home to take. I have less than $500 in the bank, total. If you really want to sue me I will gladly give you my real name, address and phone number via email. Just click on the Jed's Mailbox and it is on. It would be great to have someone objective like a Civil Court Judge hear this on RHOA's dime. By the way tell Rhonda I said hi, and good luck to you.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:11 PM  
I don't work for them. I actually have enjoyed reading your blogs for sometime now. This one just caught my eye the other day. I just thought I would give you a helpful tip, since I am employeed with an attorneys office. Thats all. If this company knows of this blog they would have a case thats all I'm saying.
Anonymous carrie, ga, at 11:17 AM  
Sorry if I was rude Carrie. I am just irate about how there are too many companies that charge the most to those least able to pay. I am finding myself sort of socialist as capitalism has offered no protection from the clever land sharks and their law making/bending.

I don't have it in me to be rich, I don't want to do what it takes I guess.

About the slander, I think opinion is benign when it comes to blogs and poor mans ramblings.

I am glad you enjoy my wacky views and check on my blog. Thank you for looking out for me too!

Like Kris Kristofferson wrote and Janis Joplin made famous, Freedoms just another word for nothin' left to lose.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:43 PM  
Carrie, I would venture to guess your position within a law office is a low-level position if you hold a position at all. My guess is you actually do work for RHOA. Your spelling and attention to detail is atrocious (not typical of an attorney who learns to dot every i and cross every t.)

Therefore it would be logical to conclude you are working diligently to put out the fire of Jed's honesty. You see, a man's opinion is his freedom. He can speak what he wants when he wants. In a public forum such as this as long as his opinion holds true he cannot be accused of slander. I believe Jed can prove everything he stated.

It would be a kick to see a company come after 'ol Jed for his critique. Maybe RHOA would get the attention they deserve. ;)

For an information based service, it's a bit hokey they don't have a website....hmmmmm.
Anonymous MountainGirl, at 8:54 PM  
They do have a website its I cant beleive you people that claim to be so smart are to ignorant u can't locate a company online. Yall need to stop the blogn and learn to use the web. For that mountaingirl hmmm yourself,, how retarded are you?
Anonymous memphisrocks2003, at 12:11 PM  
I JUST hung up with RHOA and decided based on the LONG wait and RUDE person who answered the phone that I would try to look them up online...I found this site! I waited and waited to talk to someone regarding a SPECIFIC ad in my local Chattanooga paper and was told they do not give out the addresses of the homes they advertised. So I can't go drive by to see if I am even remotely interested before I fill out an application! These people ARE taking advantage of people and WASTED my time! UGGGHH!
Have a great day and good luck in finding a place to live!\
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:51 PM  
of course they dont give you the address over the phone you haven't paid for their services. the reason why the do have so many properties is because they dont charge landlords. i think the only thing that your site here has proved is that you people are very ignorant. I live in memphis. i used their service. I had to pay 85 dollars. i found a home in 3 weeks. i was very satisfied. as far as jed is concerned you sound like a little whiney BITCH. and if your so strapped for money what are you doing sitting on your ass at home whining on the internet. wahwahwah. thats all i saw on this entire site. if $79 dollars is going to make or break you then I only feel sorry for you about that. not because landlord did not want your type in their homes.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:46 PM  
The last commenter sounds like a wonderful person who loves to work all the time to pay bogus fee grabbers and true capitalist pigs. To each his own, I guess.

My only issue about RHOA is they steal, scam and lie. That is how I see it and my Google hits are still smacking them back and that feels good!

As for name calling, that is everyones right while America is free. With much respect I write these words.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:14 PM  
I just want to know how you can call them bogus if it worked for me. I got a home I had lots of different places to look at in my three weeks looking. I didnt have to search through the newspaper everyday looking at the same old houses. so your going to sit their and tell me that this service that worked for me and my family is bogus. granted I live in a five bedroom home for $1700 a month. whereas you were probally looking for something in the range of 3 bedrooms for $500 a month. I could see then why you think it was bogus. your just trying to make a ligitimate company look bad and i see you have made a couple people believe this, but obviously like yourself they were not that bright. I could tell by their spelling and english skills. to listen to the words of a man rattin and raving on the internet, which when you were done doing that you could have been trying to pick up children to have sex with them in a teen chat room. I dont know that for a fact but presumibly it could be true. I just dont think that people should believe everything they see on the internet. hell i saw the other day Bob Barker was dead. and then the next day he was being interviewed by Larry King.

With little respect i write these words.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 PM  
I have actually used this service 3 times, and found a place all three times within days. Listings go bad quickly because the homes rent quickly. I am about to use it again. Sorry about your bad experience.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:42 PM  
I am a customer of theirs an have been for about three months. I happen to go in the other day for a new list and heard them talkin about this sad lil blog you got goin here. If i may say so Jethro,,,,,,, you act lik a dumb redneck who doesnt wanna admit he read their lil peice of paper and signed sayn you understood what those folks do. Or are you dumb enuff to sign without readin. Im not the smartst person, but i will say even i read befor I signed. Admitn your own mistake is always the 1st step to being smarter than the average bear.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:05 PM  
Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by. It is always nice when folks stop in to insult me. I did read the little piece of paper which stated they would refund all but $10 for their trouble not $40. I still say they are making a living for foul business ain't gonna change my mind with your anonymous comments.

I am glad they are talking about my blog. Too bad their Google hits are lower than mine. I got my $40 back with the deterrence of just one customer.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:28 PM  
You all just sound like a bunch a rednecks who happen to know a couple of big words.
Anonymous itsmeblogn24, at 10:33 AM  
Yes it says you get everything but $10 back. but right underneath their says their is a $35 non-refundable setup. fee of $35. so yes tennessee jed it did say that you only get $40. learn to read and understand what you are reading. or is your inbread brain to slow to do that.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 PM  
Dear anon,

The contract I have does not and did not state that, mine was a circa April 2006. Perhaps the new contracts are different. By the way, I don't think my parents were related and I can read. I did read the contract, Rental Homes of America lie and steal in the same way many corporate entities do. It is wrong, you know it and I know it so please be kind with your words. Tell the truth, you work for them don't you?
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:23 PM  

read the contract before you sign and you wouldnt have these problems now would you.

personally i think you should have sat down and read the contract before you signed it, that would have saved you from your little "problem" if thats what you want to call it...i dont see it that way though.

i have been a customer of RHOA and i think that it is very established company that can help anyone and just like any other company they will have lil gliches but you who doesn't ?

my advice for anyone who reads this is to check RHOA before you just sum it up to a no because of some hillbilly you got a refund rejected because he isnt very bright.

as for you jed
have a great day and by the way, no one cares how many google hit you have
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:14 PM  
Dear Anonymous,

To quote you: "-,no one cares how many google hit you have"

My answer: You my friend obviously do to get your gander up over this little hillbilly's opinion. See, the more you RHOA cronies hit that link or pay attention to this blog post it sets the stain in on your company even deeper.

And for the record I did read it and did as requested to get all the refund they allowed which was less a ten dollar charge. They took half, Rental Homes of America steal and lie and that is the truth dumbass :]
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 7:08 PM  
actions speak louder than words my friend, and tn jeds words are worthless to me clealy.
for the record if you read the agreement then you should have no complaints of the service because you signed it dumbass. your version of the truth is merely a opinion and as we all know people who have to sink to this kind of slander, it doesnt matter much.

and us "RHOA cronies" as you would say are here to get a good laugh as to how many people could be stupid enough and to dense to understand a contract and have to complain because they didnt read it carefully.

and i would be willing to bet money you didnt actually sit down while being told about the service and read that contract and that my friend is on you

have a nice day :]
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:44 PM  
Dear RHOA cronies,

Please post a copy somewhere and link to it here. Put your money where your mouth is liar and thief (and I mean that in the nicest way).

Besides, an argument on the internet is like winning the prison football game, no matter who wins you are all still in prison. Perhaps the CEO of your company will be there some day.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:24 PM  
I too am a victim of RHOA's shenanigans. I was told over the phone that they could & would find me housing within hours. They were given my price range I could afford to pay each month. They stated that they had several properties that accepted small pets. They advised me of a $79 fee (1st flag) for the property listings. Needless to say I arrived at my meeting with these people & found a young black female dressed in a thermal pajama top & sweatpants (2nd flag). My RHOA phone contact was not in the office like he said he was going to be. Instead he was home watching Superbowl XLII (3rd flag). The $79 fee was paid, we were NOT given a receipt at all. When we recieved the printout of the rental properties we were upset to find that none of these property listings were in our price range & only 3 of them had a "maybe" as far as the pets matter goes. I asked the young female "I imagine the landlords have to pay you all to advertise & list their property for them right"? She said "no, Maam". " The landlords dont pay us a dime to list their properties". Now how in the hell is it that the landlords dont have a fee to pay for using the RHOA service to list properties, but the prospects have to open their wallets to pay $79 just for 1 sheet of paper? I for one am going to call our local news station, report these SCAM artists & let the news station turn RHOA's world upside down.

MustangMona in MS
Blogger MustangMona, at 9:42 PM  
I just so happened to be surfing the internet when i stumbled upon your blog,very intresting.I am an lisenced investigator in the state of tennessee along with my attorney friend have decided to venture out upon a limb.we will be putting an ad in the local newspapers asking people to contact our office with there valid complaints against this company and bad bussiness pratices.we will investigate all valid complaints and if we find sufficient and strong evidence of fraud and deception we will than launch a civil complaint based upon the findings.and with enough people followed by a cilvil suit.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:31 PM  
I will keep an eye peeled for it thanks!!

Something needs to be done to these so called companies who feed off the poorest of Americans who end up paying all the bills.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:00 PM  
Thank god for u i thought i was the only person in tennessee who went through that with so glad some people commented about this.R.H.O.A STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  
Thank god for u i thought i was the only person in tennessee who went through that with so glad some people commented about this.R.H.O.A STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  
Thank god for u i thought i was the only person in tennessee who went through that with so glad some people commented about this.R.H.O.A STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  
Thank god for u i thought i was the only person in tennessee who went through that with so glad some people commented about this.R.H.O.A STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  
Thank god for u i thought i was the only person in tennessee who went through that with so glad some people commented about this.R.H.O.A STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  
We went to RHOA in Knoxville,Tn after calling them to see if they had house's in Sevierville. We were told that they had 50 homes for rent there. We went down to the office to see what we had to do to rent them. When we got there the skinny blonde headed girl was telling us how to sign up with them. The whole time she was talking to us she was watching for the pizza man and her mom. We were discusing the contract, when her mom came in and then she was worried about a pair of shoes that her mom bought her. Now if I had people looking at a contract and asking questions, I wouldn't be worried about a pair of shoes and pizza. When we gave our money to her then she gave us a list of homes for rent. We were looking at the list and most of them were in knoxville. We called everyday to see if there where more in Sevierville and they sent them to our email address, but all we were getting was apartments in knoxville. When I called them to see what is going on with the ones in sevierville, then they told me that they really didn't have any there. I told the womam, first of all I asked them if they had any in sevierville over the phone when I first went there, and she told me YES. So I told her that she was lying to us in the first place and then she got bitchy. When I ask for my money back she told me to send a letter to Memp.Tn. I did what my contract said to do and I just got a letter back saying in our words to sick it up our asses. We was SUCKERED in by false information and people lying though there teeth. We thought about calling channel 10 news and ask for the one that does WHAT IS BUGGING YOU?, and telling them how many people got SUCKERED into this company. We are still trying to get our money back in full. We are going to call the BBB and letting them know what they did to us too. I sure hope that someone puts a stop to these LYING ASSHOLES...
Anonymous Flipper and Crawfish, at 6:43 PM  
My husband and I were given 30 day notice to find a home. I was down to the last week and still no luck.
I finally called RHOA and was told that I would get all but $10.00 of my $79.00 back if they didn't find us a home. Well I received 9 homes on the internet. None of which were even in our price range or location. I finally found a home at our price range and sent them 2 letters within 10 days and have yet to get my money. Don't deal with these crooks if you do you will be in the same situation that we are in. we are far from rich and every little bit helps. I could sure use the 69 dollars right about now. I will bad mouth that company to my dying day. To everyone I know that asks about them look out.. Hell has no fury like my scorn.. Hope the company reads this and goes bankrupt.
Anonymous linda, at 3:50 PM  
i think you are an idiot tennessse jed :]

stop whining and get on with your life..

have a great one
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 PM  
You guys should try WWW.SECTION8MEMPHIS.COM if you are in the Memphis area. It is a brand new site but it is easy to navigate and we found a GREAT home that is exactly what we were looking for. I have a buddy of mine who just applied for one he found on there too. Hope this helps!
Anonymous Jared, at 3:37 PM  
was about to use there services Thank 4 this
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:27 PM  
I encountered this type of service in Savannah Ga.
They went around and collected phone numbers and address, then sent me a Word file, with all the information.
Half of the information was incorrect, for a pic they sent you to the Tax office to research the strap number, I finally found a home, and the land lord never heard of them?
This scam is all over the place, if anyone demands a fee to see a listing, it is a scam, they will get you no more than the local paper..
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM  
i had the same issues with rental homes of america in knoxville. the first 50 houses they gave me where absolutely disgusting, i did finally find one but its 1 bedroom reaks of cat urine and we cant even use it. i am completely disgusted with them and when i asked to find a new home, i had lost my "number" while moving and they refused to help me even though they recognized me and my husband. give me a break.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:30 PM  
Look at these folks google comment....the email address belongs is "@rhoa" or "rental homes of america". These people are givng themselves bogus props and then leaving their actual email....

This rachel girl must be a complete zero.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:40 AM  
Glad I came across your blog called about a listing on craigslist and got RHOA he told me to go to the website and he would walk me through My gut feeling was this isn't on the up and up so I said let me talk to my husband before I actually sign up and he hung up on me. I googled it found your blog. Thanks Jed you stopped me from making a huge mistake!!
Anonymous Mary, at 5:34 PM  
Mary, I know you will be able to find good renters without using them. I'll bet they are wishing they had made a happy customer out of me about now.

Hey RHOA, a little latitude with a disgruntled/deceived customer goes a long long way!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 7:26 PM  
Wow, these guys must be branching out. I have been looking for a place to rent for about a month now here in St. Louis, Mo. and just recently ran accross a rhoa rental. Big red flags include: they are a national company, not local, they want a $75 app fee which is much higher then the normal fee here in St. Louis, they claim to have 1,000's of rentals available for me in my area, bad credit and no credit not a prob. and no deposite for my 50 lb dog would be required. I declined to sign up with them over the phone with my credit card and the lady got really snotty and hung up on me. I decided to do a little looking around online and found your sight. Thank goodness I followed my gut instinct and waited. I am really sorry to hear about all the bad experiences people are having but I am glad they where posted so people like me could be warned before we got in the same boat. I also noticed that completely opposite of most blogs all the "bad" posts are mostly signed and the "positive feedback" is all anonymous...hummm.

As far as folks thinking that losing between $40 and $79 dollars is no big deal, look at it this way: multiply that by 40 people a week and then again by 20 cities and thats how much disposable income (and non-disposable in some cases like mine) these folks are stealing. Not just from us, but from the economy in our areas.

Thanks Jed
Anonymous ItBitKitty, at 5:26 AM  
Thank you so much for this post! I hope it helps to know that this has kept me from doing business with Realty Homes of America.
Anonymous TJ, at 5:46 PM  
I meant... Rental Homes of America
Anonymous TJ, at 5:49 PM  
When the gentlemen I spoke to here in Memphis seemed to be overly zealous in helping me and then during the last few moments of our conversation mentioned there would be a small fee of $75, backed off. I was considering returning for further assistance, but I thank you for your comments. I will definitely not become one of there customers. And I'm telling everybody that will listen.
Anonymous Lynn, at 11:36 AM  
They are a complete bunch of clowns
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:44 AM  
Thanks for the heads up...they almost got me too... I thought about it thou, if they really want to make money by renting out homes, why in the hell would you have to pay to see pictures & addresses of homes that they have.. Why not let it be free
Blogger Lucrona, at 4:58 PM  

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