Monday, June 12, 2006

A Fine Line

It is always a fine line between cruel and compassion in the book of Jed.

I was in a bad spot of being the one to take action when a co-worker opened a security light fixture and a very young bird fell about thirty feet to the pavement along with a couple of eggs. The little bird was leaking fluids on the very hot asphault and had no chance for making a go at this life so I put it to a swift end under the heel of my steel toe boot. It still hurts to take a life and draw that line.

Later my co-worker was ribbing me in front of some others about being a killer and I came out with this statement that left them all looking at the ground and silent. I said, "look guys I had to make the call to take my own mother off of life support, so stomping a suffering bird out of this world was nothing to me".

Now you and I know I was hurt to be put in the place to decide for another life, but I did what I did to try and keep matters from being worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:38 PM


I guess your co-workers would rather have watched a cat eat it slowly. Or maybe they would have enjoyed its lengthy death on the hot asphalt.

Or worse, some little kid coming along, scooping it up, and taking it home to be a "pet." Hours of torture on that one.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 5:25 PM  
Thanks for getting it Anne.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:57 PM  
I helped kill a snake Saturday. I wasn't happy about it, but it was trying to bite my dog (see right pic.)
You did the most compassionate thing.
Screw the other folks who didn't get it.
Blogger newscoma, at 10:44 PM  
Thanks Newscoma, I did read chigger and snake thing the other day. I will stop by for the snake pics.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:22 AM  
ye dun rite, jed. death is part of life n thay aint no reason to let nuthin suffer needless lack. i hope miz bd has the guts to do the same fer me ifn it cums to that.
Blogger buddy don, at 5:50 AM  
Jed, I done plumb forgot my bird judging. If all the nestlings get killed like that, the parent birds will "double clutch" and produce a whole new family. Maybe they'll choose a wiser nesting site next time.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 3:06 PM  
A compassionate release from suffering is a kind act and certainly doesn't make things worse.
I'd certainly trust you w/ that call.
Blogger Julie, at 7:08 AM  

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