Monday, May 08, 2006

Dear Readers

I have been considering what to do about our problems with making a living. I have been one sad story after another for which I regret. My wife and I both have steady jobs and we honestly can not make it. I have already lost all my credit, my nicer cars and now we are about one week from loosing our home. We make clear about $1800.00 per month after all deductions and frankly that is not enough for our little family to survive here.

If you know of a place where we can rent near Knoxville for around $500.00 please leave a comment. I should have internet service for about one more week. We need to rent close to Knoxville due to the fact that we both work for the local government and a long drive is impossible for our old vehicles and fuel prices being somewhat high at this time. My wife is going to school under a grant that only covers tuition, her travel, living and books are too much for us to bare.

I keep pushing my wife to leave me and find a real man who does not have the burdens that I do. She still sticks around. I have reached some sort of numb point in my emotional development that I can not explain. I fear I am a ghost of what I was ment to be as a human being.

I do not want your pity or donations, but I do want you to be a witness to this. Greed is real and it is not something that only happens to other people when laws are streched to the limit and people who need help cannot get it.

God go with you all, peace will win, we are all winners because victory has already been won in the things that matter or make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 3:13 PM


tiz a verr sad day when a man n his wife wurkin fer the gummint caint make a nuff to live on. meanwhile, thays other folks that gits so much money they couldnt spend ifn they tride.

it makes me sick. i am prayin fer ye, sir. i shore do hope ye find a way out ...
Blogger buddy don, at 6:15 PM  
Jed, I am very sorry about your financial crisis and do wish you and your family the best. I found this link on criagslist.
Blogger red molly, at 7:27 PM  
Hi! I just found you today. Have you looked in the Mechanicsville area? It is right in downtown Knoxville. It is a growing area - used to be housing projects, that have been torn down and nice homes built. There are several homes there for rent. I know they have some for that price or less. Drive through the area and write down phone numbers to call and check on!

Hope that helps! I pray God will lead you in the right direction and lift your spirits as well!
Blogger Tennessee Mama, at 7:45 PM  
How much room do you need? Last time I lived in Knoxville, I had an apt in the San Souci complex at West Hills (its behind Sams Club, at I-40 exit #379, and that was the cheapest we found in town.
Blogger Miss Cellania, at 9:07 PM  
It was at Walker Springs, I recall.
Blogger Miss Cellania, at 9:07 PM  

I wish you all the best, my brother, from the bottom of my heart.

You are right, we will win. We all have something that the thieves who run this country do not: souls.
Blogger CM Edwards, at 11:04 PM  
I feel utterly heartbroken b/c You and your wife don't deserve this at all, it shows what an unfair world we live in, when the CEO of exxon makes 147K a day for ripping us off and you all work your asses off and are some of the finest people. I might know of a house in south, I'll check on it and get back to ya. I guess as someone once told me, if the world didn't suck, we would fall off of it. But sometimes it sucks way too much. And of course your wife is not a fool, she won't leave a man who will actually use the words 'man lumps', ha!
Blogger Julie, at 11:05 PM  
You've got that right, Miss Julie! He's the love of my life and forever will remain.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 8:25 AM  
Jed, I can't help you, I'm sorry. You're a good man and don't deserve injustice. Persevere and keep your friends around you. Good luck.
Anonymous Richard, at 8:50 AM  
I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
Blogger newscoma, at 10:40 PM  
My husband's plant might close in September. I can feel your pain. I hope you can find an affordable apartment and get back plugged in to the Net ASAP. Always remember, you can use computers in the library to keep up your blog.

The Bored Gods and even the Busy God see what you're going through, brother.
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 2:29 PM  
Jed, my heart aches for you and Mountain Girl. Even though I know you will get through this, I will worry.

Take care my friends, and take advantage of those library computers to keep in touch.
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 2:29 PM  
Please call me. Wanted to invite you over. Let me know...
Blogger trancendyce, at 9:44 PM  
You situation is just an example of what thousands of hard working people are going through. It is something that people who make $100,000 - $150,000 a year also. Not because they have fancy houses, large mortgages, new car payments or any of that.

It's because some have to pay their own insurance, their own retirement, their grandkids education, their deadbeat children's bills, their elderly parents care, etc.

Insurance alone for two people who have several medical bills and take lots of medicine, can cost around $700.00 a month.

It used to be that people could actually retire, but now they have to support children, grand children, ...

No matter how bad your situations is, or mine, you can always look around and see others who are much worse off.

I know that doesn't help you, but I know God will see you through it, with the help of friends.

God bless you.

p.s. I'm in Tennessee also, but in West Tennessee.
Anonymous Debbie, at 9:47 PM  

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