Thursday, April 06, 2006

Duty of Jed

Guess who got called to serve jury duty...yep it was Jed! I went to a gathering like ordered on March sixth where about three hundred folks were split into groups. I was selected to be in panel three of five. Some others were selected to be on the grand jury.

Anyway, the past week I have been serving which mostly involves waiting, until yesterday when they called panel three folks to the courtroom. Once in the courtroom they selected sixteen folks from the fourty or so in the group. I was number twelve. They introduced the case. Asked some questions about how you felt you have been treated in court proceedings.

I guess I should not have said, "I get as much justice as I can afford in court." Because now I am not sitting in seat twelve anymore. I am much too blunt and crude for sitting on a jury, and I like that about me.

Me on a jury of twelve is a sure fired way to make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 6:46 PM


I've never been called yet I know some people who have been called twice who really ought not be the arbiters of someone's freedom. You made your stand Jed. Expect visitors soon.
Anonymous Richard, at 8:56 PM  
Well played, Jed. Well played.
Blogger LA Barabbas, at 12:42 AM  
I really can't think of a more fair person, though I'm sure it doesn't seem fair to you.
Blogger Julie, at 12:57 AM  
A juror should be intelligent, honest and a good listener; all attributes of Jed. I guess you were too honest.
Blogger red molly, at 8:39 AM  
My husband got stuck on a jury for a white collar crime. He was in and out of that courthouse for three solid weeks, never could tell when he'd be called to sit, and it threw his work schedule completely out of whack. The defendant was so guilty it took my husband's jury 30 seconds to come to a verdict. So the foreman ordered lunch because all 12 of the jurors felt ill-used by the process.

So Jed, I applaud your honesty, because you are 100 percent right, and you saved yourself a lot of trouble.

If I get called, I'm gonna say what I say every time I pledge to the flag: "With freedom and justice for the rich."
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 1:53 PM  
i will half to member yer anser, sir. i have served a few times, twice on grand jury, once on a civil trial, n sevrull times jes waitin not to be calld.
Blogger buddy don, at 6:03 AM  
You know in all the time I've been a voting citizen about 17 years now, I've never been called for jury duty.

The sad thing is I'd kind of like to do it. I'm always interested in real life stories no matter how benign.
Blogger CM Edwards, at 1:13 AM  
Try to fix the government for us while your there, if you are up to it. I'm sure you won't make things worse.
Blogger newscoma, at 9:15 PM  

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