Friday, April 14, 2006

And I didn't even know

I went to a free Little Feat concert in Knoxville's Market Square last night on Maundy Thursday. I had no idea about this normally Catholic observed holiday of Last Supper and Foot washing. A friend and I were passing the time on the phone while he drove toward home when he brought up the subject of this holiday. The odd thing about this conversation and this friend is a fond memory I have of him at a Dead show in the dusty dry mid-west where he became so tired of looking at our gang's dirty feet he gathered up a small bucket of water and a towel and started washing feet. This friend is the same creative man who I wrote a bit about in this post some time back.

It is a good Friday here and it sure don't make matters worse to see a free show.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:58 PM


Little Feat. The Dead. So my kinda music!

Hope you have a great Easter and an even better Dyngus Day!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 5:14 PM  
Just checked out the schedule for the concert series. Make sure you go see Umphreys McGee when they are there. They got there start here (former ND students) and they are awesome!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 5:25 PM  
luv little feat. they cum to roane state communty collidge whenever i wuz a'goin thar. grate show!
Blogger buddy don, at 6:29 AM  
I was there too, I can't believe I missed you in all the 10,00 people! DAng all those Feets!
Blogger Julie, at 11:03 PM  
Jed, thank you because you've made me go and research our own Maundy Ceremony about which I know very little. I am know considerably more informed, all because of Little Feat.
Anonymous Richard, at 6:06 AM  
Hey, Jed, in "Gods Are Bored" under the picture of the fairy, I link to you and prove I do know how to spell that pesky word.

Good luck to ya,
Anne Johnson
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 11:36 AM  

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