Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A State Run Life

This man is on strike because his wife wants to mommy her way...not his.

Here is his blog I would not try a comment there because he has thousands of comments.

This man is about to have the State come in and run his life if the right lawyer calls momma and sells her the reality that she can have his guts in a can at her will. He will first get served his papers she is going to split and the only thing that will change is that daddy won't be here anymore. Then there is the inevitable Order of Protection because he yelled at her after the summons to divorce and made her fear for her life. He will never be trusted with a firearm in his State evermore. Then the State ran, Federal funded Child Support System will take most of his income because it is only what is best for the children. Federal funding numbers go up that day for the State. Then his little camping trip will become more permanent as his leftover income won't give much more than a refugee living for the next tewenty years. Every month he will get a not so friendly reminder of the States overwhelming power to sieze his liberties even if it is their fault if the numbers crunch wrong. We all know how wonderfully the State runs its own budget so it will not be their fault. If he works for someone the State will make contact with them and complicate that relationship too. Then he gets to see his children every other weekend if mommy don't plan other activities for them, not that he can afford to feed them or house them anymore unless he works every weekend.

His best bet from my experience is to shut his mouth and try and not think about the life he had before children and think about his life after the State Family court castrates him. I hope he gets smart and realises that he is powerless to strike because mommy's new boyfriend will raise his kids and spend his money anyway he likes and Daddy's only choice is to pay or die and nobody cares either way, it is best for the children this way. To ask for anything at this point will only make matters worse for this man.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 7:37 PM


What is even better than that is when the woman loses a screw somewhere and decides to alienate the children against the father and somehow gets the court appointed guardian to agree to a weeklong visit in another state but the father's girlfriend has to make herself scarce in her _own_ house and can only be around the kids for 5-10 minutes at a time.

I won't even go into the child support she is claiming that he can pay when all of his money is tied up in school needs.

Not to mention the spam emails and junk mail addressed to Ms. Know Nothing and Mr. Ura J. Ackass.

Can't we all just get along and eat smoores or something?
Blogger Bob, at 9:02 PM  
This guy needs a good lawyer. It's worth the money. Those are his kids, he should be more to them than a paycheck. And what's she do, sit around watching Springer all day?
Blogger Anne Johnson, at 9:48 PM  
OR this man can stop being a self-centered jerk and allow his 3-month-old infant to sleep in the room so his wife can get some kind of sleep at night and accept that she isn't ready to leave that tiny infant with someone when she goes out. It's called attachment parenting my bitter friends.

OR they can get divorced after he runs off to someone who is more fun who he met on the Internet. Then he can travel the world with his new bi**h girlfriend who sells adult toys for a living and send the child support when he wants to and when he doesn't need it to spend another week in the Bahamas.
Anonymous Cathy, at 10:24 PM  
It is a crazy game...this life...the perspectives and such. This man could have it worse that is for sure!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 4:48 AM  

Perhaps Mom should have discussed attachment parenting with Dad before deciding to implement the style of child rearing. A marriage is a partnership. Babies don't just belong to the mommies. Daddies feelings and preferences should be taken into account as well.

Men aren't always the ones who choose to leave the relationship. Many times women hit a certain point in life where they want to explore new avenues and husband's be damned. It works both ways, but the courts do not. You have to be one terrible mother to not get the kids handed to you, and fathers get the shaft. They too miss their children. It's a reality.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 4:49 PM  
I gotta tell ya, after reading the CNN article and this guy's blog, this family sounds awfully cheeky - and very media savvy. I think this kind of behavior diminishes the very real pain Jed describes.
Blogger LA Barabbas, at 4:05 PM  
sometimes... life really sucks!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 11:23 AM  

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