Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Life in Bail Bonds

Our local NPR station did a nice interview with one of my friends Julie. The interview yesturdee (that is not a typo) was held by my other friend Ann. You will see Julie has a charming east Tennessee accent that reminds me of my own mothers inflections. She also closes the interview with "I feel like I am helping instead of hurting" which fits the vain of not making matters worse.

Click here for the interview.

Also Jed did the sign in the stations reception area pictured here. Second photo down on the page.

It is good to know Knoxville is still a small town.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:48 PM


Blogger Mountain Girl, at 10:08 PM  
very cool. Well done, Jed.
Blogger LA Barabbas, at 10:36 PM  
nice sign, sir. whenever i wuz in grad skool at ut, i had a mentor that wurked at wuot. i member waitin fer im while he did his on air thang. so them pitchers brangs back a memry or two.
Blogger buddy don, at 2:10 AM  
Very nice sign and I heard the interview on npr, very interesting line of work - to hear her perspective was very enlightening! Very small world indeed!
Blogger Julie, at 7:32 AM  
Nice sign. Very nice sign.
Blogger Richard Seamon, at 9:53 PM  
Cool! Miss Ann interviewing Miss Julie! I see do little of Miss Julie these days--last time we talked, she was telling me about her pit bull... I hope she got him fixed.

Like the sign.
Wish I had my own sign. Don't know where I'd put it, but at least folks would know I MEAN BUSINESS!
Blogger The Editor, at 11:15 PM  
Thanks for the link to the interview, Jed. Most interesting work for anyone to undertake, and Ann has more than once selected fascinating stories.

The idea that there are generations of family who come back again and again to get their other family members out on bail makes me wonder if these folks are really that bad or if the local law enforcement just takes the lazy way and focuses on easy targets.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 10:58 AM  

Thanks for the kind words on our blog. I'm going to add your blog to our links section.

Keep up the good work.
Blogger CM Edwards, at 6:56 PM  
agreed. I appreciate this post as it relates to a bail bonds company in Las Vegas like mine.
Blogger Bail Agent, at 4:02 PM  

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