Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lazy Blogger

I have been working on my template the past day or so. Working a few moments at a time as I get time.

I wanted a unique little icon for the address bar and I have been viewing source codes of other sites and reading tips from websites about code. So my time to just express myself has been pushed to the wayside. I have designed many icons for my own use over the years and I have been noticing how the address bar for many sites have the little icon starters in the address bar. I just had to do it...loving the pixel as I do. You should see in the address bar a little red, white and blue lighting bolt like below except much smaller, let me know if you don't

I am taking the upgrade test on the 20th for my job with the city and it also has me reading more than writing. It will place me in the running for future advancement to go ahead and take the test. It is much like a general contractors test with areas covering construction, plumbing, HVAC and electrical. So I have been trying to brush up on my terms of communication for the trades. Expansion valves, expansion joints, balloon framing, GFI breakers, sole plates, cripple headers, footers, platform framing, back flow preventer, sill plates, MC cable, street elbows, king studs, regulators, contactors, run capacitors, ballast, start capacitors, 480 three phase, perlins, rafters, beams, hips, birdmouths and about a thousand more words are streaming through my brain so forgive me for my weirdness.

As always working to not make matters worse.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 4:44 AM


I do see the little icon in the address bar which is very cool.

Good luck with your test.
Blogger red molly, at 6:27 AM  
It appears on my pooter as well, beloved.

One more reason I love Jed: His vast array of knowledge!

You're beautiful.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 6:41 AM  
Looks like your file host is down. The code looks alright though.
Blogger Bob, at 4:18 PM  
the icon cums up fine fer me, sir. i hope all goes well with that thar test!
Blogger buddy don, at 4:48 PM  
I'm too stupid to even know where to look for the cute little icon,, big ole dang ole frontel lobatomy. oh well, I'm sure it's really neat and I'll notice one day.
You'll do fine on that there test and it'll be sure to make things better!
Blogger Julie, at 6:53 PM  

But I know you won't need to. Still owe you that beer.
Blogger earlnemo, at 3:18 AM  
Ok, Jed, the old man says that it's not my fault that I can't see it, Internet explorer can't reconize your icon.. I'm sorry I don't have mozilla!!
Blogger Julie, at 8:36 PM  
I must look for that code Jed!!!

And all that can run Mozilla Firefox, should be running it. So much better than IE.

Now I have to take a look at Jed's code... hee hee hee
Blogger The Editor, at 5:00 PM  
Now I feel all shy...I should have washed it and gave it a shave.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 6:29 PM  
Oh yeah (covering eyes with hands)... here's a link to where you can pick up the code for a 3 column
Blogger The Editor, at 1:45 AM  
ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.
Blogger answer-man, at 8:19 AM  

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