Friday, December 09, 2005

Blog of Doom

The news is getting better each day. I am not going to go into how our government is selling us out and stealing today. I don't need to, there are enough weird signs everywhere.

Chicken little said the sky is falling! The new film from Disney seems paradoxical with other news to me.

An asteroid called Apophis could hit Earth in 31 years time. We have volcanos spewing ash in Mexico and Vanuatu (never even heard of this place) at the present day. Ice is melting in Greenland. After all this good stuff, I hear the north magnetic pole is shifting quickly.

Oh well...I have a dear friend in who says there is a beer with my name on it (at his cost) and that can't worsen a thing that matters to me.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 5:43 AM


Been reading more and more of late about the changes in the magnetic poles and how they flip-flop every 100,000 years or so, and while the change occurs, well, the planet is pretty much open to solar flares and such.

Blog of Doom - izzat one of the Fantastic Four special comic book series?? Or maybe from Silver Surfer? 'Course Surfer's planet got destroyed and had to come to Earth.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 10:19 AM  
Have you read Kesey's "Sailor Song"? My second favorite of his (first being "Sometimes A Great Notion") It's an excellent tale set in the near future when the poles do indeed flip... Gaia does indeed seem to be wiggling and farting in many ways, perhaps trying to shake off this mess of vermin, or perhaps just a shudder of illness. Or maybe this Ride has timed out, and we're coasting back toward the turnstiles, like it or not. Keep your arms inside the cart at all times.
Blogger earlnemo, at 6:39 PM  
I figured the whole ignorance of the world would just make it implode on itself eventually. We wouldn't need no big comet or global warming.
Blogger Julie, at 8:38 PM  
Thanks for the visit folks!

Joe, I think that is a good idea! "Blog of doom and the Prophet of the obvious" may be my first graphic novel.

Jimaneye, One flew over- is the the only Dr. Kesey I really know. I will look for it or borrow it from you if you don't mind it taking me a year or so to read it.

Julie, it is said we can shape our own reality through the collective power of positive thinking, I pray so.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 8:53 AM  
So you've seen 'what the bleep' too now, ey? ?
Blogger Julie, at 11:53 PM  

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