Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stuck inside

Many thanks to

Sometimes I feel as if I am stuck inside a bottle.

This link is cool. I have been trying to find the book that this bottle is setting on. (ISBN 3-89060-01_) It looks German what do you guys think?

Looks as if some other people want to bottle up things. Not letting us see things can make matters worse. Would you buy water that was in an opaque bottle? Well Jed ain't buying it.

Update: A friend from a past life (whom I hope to see in the near future) contacted me via e-mail with the most likely book answer. She has went on to gain a PhD and has a good life going for herself. I wish she would do a little web logging since she writes a perfect letter.

Her answer is:
ISBN is -nearly- the same. Just in case the link does not work, the title of the book is Die Steinheilkunde Ein Handbuch, ISBN
Loosely translated...the title is: The Stone Medicine: A Manual.

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Well dang Jed -- thanks for a perspective I never thought of -- viewing the world at hand from inside a water bottle!

I just spent 15 minutes whirling around the image and examining the world, however, distorted I see. What fun!

Sure looks like german on the book-jacket, and perhaps I saw the german word for Spiritual? I'll have to keep looking to find out more, for sure.

Reminds me too, of the example Albert Camus provided on just how limited humaan perception really is. He said to imagine a person was riding on the back of a flat-bed railroad car moving about 20 mph. The person is strapped into a chair and one eye is covered and can see nothing. The other eye has a long tube, say bout 30 feet long, and all the informational input about who are where the person really is comes in through a small opening at the end of the tube -- how can that person even begin to understand where he/she is and what is happening.
Seems we all often assume our simple 5 senses tell us so much, but those senses are really very small and limited to sound and smell and taste and touch and see. It's not easy to delude or confuse those senses and our wee brains can only make so much sense out of it all.

This is not a pessimistic view to me, just a good reminder that there is far far more to our existence than we can fathom quickly and implies there are vast experiences all of us struggle to understand and ponder.

I have often learned that we must stretch out beyond our limited minds and be open to understand there is so much we all have to learn.

So that's my two cents.
Peace, Jed.
Blogger Joe Powell, at 10:37 PM  
i half to add mitt i felt a lil clawstrofobick in that thar bottle! verr nice way to git us to take a lil differnt perspectiv.
Blogger buddy don, at 5:40 AM  

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