Thursday, October 06, 2005


The photo above is from a movie
where the “Mods” ride scooters
that have many lights and mirrors.

Red Molly, "my web log unrelated kin" has been humoring me and my dreams about rebuilding and owning a two wheeler. I have been living vicariously through her son’s visionary project of rebuilding an old Vespa scooter. He had this goal way before gas prices climbed, so visionary fits tight in the socket. I am so glad she shared her son’s project to keep my dream life alive.

It is a good day to be alive!
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 9:09 PM


I guess I'm kind of dense but I don't understand all the lights and mirrors. Is that a safety feature? My son has one light and one mirror...I think. I haven't checked lately. Thanks for the links. We are going to get the scooter out of the bedroom very SOON!!
Blogger red molly, at 10:09 PM  
i lack how ye thank, sir. tiz inspirin that ye always rite bout how tiz a good day to be alive, no matter whut kinda hell yer sloggin thru. hope ye git yer two-wheeler bilt!
Blogger buddy don, at 4:50 AM  
Hey Molly, I think is a non-safety feature as it is all for the bling-bling. The movie is about young adults finding a way to deal with their identity crisis.

Sir don, I just lie to myself like all of us do. I went through a deep blue season in my life that cross wired my brain in a way. I started to accept that I was falling because I fell so long (still am in some ways). I noticed it did'nt kill me like I was sure it would, after that I started seeing that it really was all to the plus side even emotional pain offers something to be thankful for. I always say: "life is pain", so I had better become a masochist if I want to enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by Jed's Emotional Hospice for Prophets of the Obvious and Life is Pain Masochist Ecclesiastical Fellowship (Jed's for short)
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:48 AM  
I just noticed the link to the bonnaroo stories - so COOL!!
That was really something!

Naked man, LOL! Was Dicky Betts w/ the Alman bros or was he in rehab again? I've seen them four times and twice they have done 'whipping post' for an encore and I just got out my chair again and sat back down again and damn it I had to be the DD BOTH TIMES!!
What a great experience you all had, I'm going to have to post about my Lilith fair from long ago now that you all I'm reminded of your tale.
Blogger Julie, at 11:44 PM  

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