Saturday, October 29, 2005

Jesus on KAT

I have had extra long days since I started using mass transit for my daily commute and not much time for blogging. I will find a way to get into the swing of things soon.

I have been on the bus thinking about the sampling of humanity that gathers on the first ride of the morning. All the routes start from the outside fringes of our little city and close in on the center by 6:15 a.m., to then be redirected outward every morning. I call this central round-up "the freak show". It is the oddest collection of humans in one place I have witnessed. Most of the time in Knoxville when there are public gatherings the folks attending have somewhat of a similar intrest, not so on the bus.

The bus I ride passes the mission and picks up several homeless people trying to recover their lives. It is funny to be there with them as I feel as if I am losing my life as I knew it (once more). I am standing firm on the self imposed rule "I will not borrow anymore monies without a clear path to a budget I can live within". This rule should be enacted on our Federal, State and County Governments in my humble observations.

This brings me to the eternal question: What Would Jesus Drive ? He would be right there on bus 22 with all the sinners just like Jed. Except he would be making matters better, unlike Jed who only strives to not make them worse.
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