Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Humble Jed

Baked into the crust of a fresh apple pie
are the Chinese characters representing the word
"quianyi" meaning "apology" or "heartfelt regrets."

I am humbled. My wife has reminded me of my own words. "A good human is bold enough to ask for help when needed, while thankful and humble to accept what is given."

She published this the other day on our behalf. The generosity of folks humbles me, while I am thankful, I am ashamed to need help. You have heard the term "beg, steal or borrow" well we have borrowed with no help. It must be time to beg because we ain't gonna stoop to stealing.

On a lighter note: The other day as I payed the electric bill I thought, "heck that is not a bad deal it cost less than a tank of gas for our car". Funny how the mind grows accustomed to price abuse.
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