Monday, October 10, 2005


Bad Craziness...Just after recovering from a hard drive scratch Saturday our phone and internet services shut off. The celluar network was over loaded and our beloved Vols were getting a beating on their home turf. I thought the rapture was on! I was waiting for a sound that I had never heard before, but all that was unusual was an absence of a ringing phone.

After asking around I found out that an airplane crash on the plateau cut a fiber-optic line. The services were out about fourty hours overall and we saw this on the news last night. It was not a regular sort of plane crash it was a World War II Hellcat from California on loan to a place in Pigeon Forge. The pilot lost his life in the crash and the officials had the crash site stitched up tight with an investigation so the services had to wait to start repairs.

Let me see if I can spin this out in a positive way. A man lost his life doing what he loved to do, and did not linger in a sick bed for years. I hope when it is my time I go out quick doing something fun too. It allowed me time to visit with my wife and step-daughter a little more this weekend. I also bet that Knology found solutions to problems they had never considered possible.

Blessings are everywhere...sometimes you have to tilt your head and squint to see it, but they are there.
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If i am ever diagnosed withsomething terminal, I am going to attempt to paddle my open canoe across Lake Michigan. I know i won't make it, but I'll die doing something I love!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 8:18 PM  
Thats what I am talking about! There is a country song "live like you were dying", I heard a few weeks ago that fits too!

Thanks for visiting Jed!
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