Monday, September 05, 2005

Parts of the body

I remember this old symbolic story of the body parts having an argument about who was most important. I see a correlation between this story and the body of people we call a country.

In the story (as I remember it) all the body parts were boasting their attributes to one another to prove they were the most important to the over all performance of the human body. The anus was the least spoken member of this argument and was soon singled out in the discussion as being the least useful member. The brain being the most articulate won the debate as the highest unit of the overall necessity for the body. The anus feeling dejected went to a dysfunctional level of productivity. It only took a few days for the disgruntled asshole to shut down all the other parts of the body. The brain ended up pleading to the ass to end the strike as soon as possible and he and all the others will never again see his duty as useless.

I make this connection in review of ignoring a certain Gulf port in its needful time. The dockworkers that live at poverty level wages are very important to our country. Their seemingly useless family members (that our Homeland Security ignored for days following the disaster) were the port workers support system of hearth and home. This country needs people to work at whatever station they are allotted. The resentful benevolence of the highest functioning parts of this cultural body will soon turn humble in a new found appreciation for the port they ignored as outlined in the afore mentioned fable.

Just as we are missing the productivity of one port, we will soon miss the middle segment of our people as they are squished to the lower end by greed from the privileged class. Please do not misread my thoughts on the privileged citizens. They work very hard and deserve a better environment to function properly, very much like the brain. Our leadership needs to focus on the majority of the body since their natural attributes burden them with the power to lead.

Cancer consists of rogue cells that overwhelm the body in a simple systematic self-reproduction. Our political process has become a cancer of type for the body, insomuch as, it reproduces its own dysfunctional cells with illogical and contradictory law making.

If I were born with the attributes of a brain cell I would offer solutions to this body. As it stands, I feel I may only be a muscle cell or, at my highest level , a retina cell.
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 1:23 PM


You have an amazing way of sharing your feelings and opinions. The connections you make are remarkable. I'm so glad to know you.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 12:29 AM  
ye sartinly have a clear way of seein thangs, jed. i lack how ye wuz ritin bout cancer, witch thar cells that wonts to grow on thar own, without no cunsiderayshun fer whut the entire bidy needs. reminds me of sum rich folk ...
Blogger buddy don, at 5:20 AM  

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