Monday, September 19, 2005


I love my daughters! They are in my eyes all that has possibility. The struggles I have faced with divorce and the corrupt child support system will never snuff the light that beams from my heart when I call their names.

From the left:
Camry (the oldest May 14, 1992), Raina (the step April 30, 1995) and Castle (the youngest August 18, 1995)

I hope they know someday what they mean to me! I know they will learn as I did only after becoming a parent.

I wanted to post this letter I wrote to the system. I wanted to share this after reading a post from Jaysus and Mary Chain who knows a system of the down when he sees one. Have faith my friend it will work out somehow!

To: Virginia (Gina) T. Lodge, Tennessee DHS Commissioner of Child Support,

I would like to call to your attention an inconsistency within the State of Tennessee Child Support Enforcement System in collecting child support, as a matter of procedure and not with due process. This incident has prompted me to terminate my relationship with my former employer of over four years, who was obligated to make wage deducted child support payments on my behalf, and whose tardiness in making those payments to your system forced me to take legal action against my employer and resign. I did this in response to several Blount County State Child Support Office administrative hearings, subpoena to Circuit Court, and loss of liberties. In this case the officials insisted it was my responsibility not the State of Tennessee to collect from the employer.

If the State believes it is in my children's best interest for me to have child support payments deducted through my employer instead of receiving it directly from me, it is illogical that I should have to do the State's enforcement job. It is not me who stands in arrears, as my payments were deducted from my pay involuntarily.

I realize the complications with the Child Support system are daunting, but I feel I need to make my issue known publicly and to lawmakers. I would welcome a meeting with you or other correspondence regarding this issue directly.

Please do not refer me to my local office with an impertinent form letter. The issues with which I am concerned are not things they are equipped to remark on or modify.

This is a paragraph from the letter to beg the bank who owns my house to hold back foreclosure:

I was unable to make an unemployment claim on the job I had previous to the contract job due to the fact that I had to exit that employment as they were collecting from my pay State mandated child support payments and not sending them to the State. The State of Tennessee has the right to demand payments from employers on the behalf of the employee, but they do not have the power to enforce those payments from said employers (due to business influenced lawmaking). The State only has power to enforce the payments from the non-custodial parent and insisted I had to incur the cost to collect from my employer. Therefore I attained a lawyer to settle that dispute and discontinued my relationship with my former employer. The appeals process with the unemployment system allow that, while it served my purpose to discontinue this employment, it was not valid grounds to make a claim on their insurance program.

Here is an old angry Jed poem to display the anger one suffers from the drone effect our system perpetuates:

Nothing evil stands forever, use your anger to live another way.
Curl back your lips to show your painful teeth.
Survive to see them that hurt you, hurt someday!

For the love of God don't make matters worse, play dead when the Grizzly System sniffs you over! Turn the other cheek at least seventy times seven!
:: posted by Tennessee Jed, 8:08 AM


jeez, and I thought Indiana was fucked up!
Blogger greatwhitebear, at 11:13 AM  
Sorry for your troubles...hope things work out for you.

Your daughters are beautiful and they are lucky to have such a loving father.
Blogger red molly, at 8:18 PM  
beautiful angels jed. I'm trying real hard not to cry as I read the first paragraph and look at them because I don't even know what my girl looks like. I know nothing about her. What music she likes. Clothes she likes. What... erm.. boys she likes. Nothing. She's just a faint image in my mind. That beautiful angel that looked just like her mom until she sucked on a lemon for the first time and then suddenly resembled me.

Feel blessed that you see them. You have more than some.
Anonymous Jaysus, at 11:24 PM  
btw.. my attempts failed miserably
Anonymous Jaysus, at 11:24 PM  
Hey Jay, I posted a mailbox on the blog and only fail if you quit.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 11:56 PM  
RM, I wish I could do more for them. I have very low resources right now, and on top of all my grief the CS system (today) decided to take another $50 a week now that I have my glorious high paying $22,000.00 a year job. Since in part I am behind due to their actions. I hope there is that special place in hell for irrational law makers.

That is $750.00 a month with no tax relief, the house is a goner and I still can't buy a round of happy meals...I am bummed.

Their mother would demand my liver if she could get a dollar for it. She makes near 50k a year with her cash under the table business plus what she reports to uncle sam. Drives a nice new $35k truck (my truck is 15 years old). No wonder she wanted a divorce she has been handed the kids and damn near half of my income from now on tax free mind ye. I wish I had a baby maker in my belly...this house would be paid off by now.

It is all in the best interest of the kids, give the daddy poverty and no representation of how that coke wh##e/abortion queen/hep-c/pseudo-christian mother spends it...I need a life too.

There goes that pressure valve once more, now you know why I don't drink or smoke pot...I have an uneasy time of keeping my cool as it is.
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 12:26 AM  
She only want your liver to replace her diseased one from all the cocaine she ran up that gave her Hep-C.
Blogger Mountain Girl, at 12:34 AM  
jed, tiz painfull to read such a world of hurt cummin down on ye. twood be grate if them that serves us in the gummint used yer verr own guideline of not makin thangs wurser than they alreddy is. seems lack they aint herd of thatn.
Blogger buddy don, at 5:03 AM  
Thanks for the well wishin' everyone!
Blogger Tennessee Jed, at 5:24 AM  
I am so sorry for you and your girls. I feel your pain. My ex stopped paying child support in 2007. In most states he would go to jail, right? Not in TN. The corruption happens at all levels and it seems to have no end. Randy York was appointed District Attorney General for the 13th. District for The State of Tennessee in September of 2008. In October 2008 General York defended that private criminal client, my ex who is a M.D. in a child support case, his client was $43,800.00 in deliberate arrears. He erased the arrears and lowered the children's support. General York was the DAG in charge of child support enforcement. Tell me who the criminal is. As for Ms. Lodge, good luck with that, she is the one who created this poverty producing system.
Anonymous jen, at 6:31 AM  

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